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Here’s The Skinny On Shopping, Part 1.

A Special Guest Blog By: Courtney Mueller, Co-Producer of “Finding Thin”

I love shopping. Shopping can is sometimes little addiction for me in fact.

Heading over to the department stores to check out the latest fashions and perhaps treat myself to a new shirt or pair of pants is both an adrenaline rush and a release for me. It truly is retail therapy.

But lately my therapy sessions are ending poorly.

It feels as if clothing designers are unaware or uninspired by the realistic size of the average American woman.

I’m a real woman with curves. I’m not a twig, not obese- just
regular when it comes to size. But when I’m trying clothes on, I
feel as if I’m squeezing into what my normal size should be. I’m not trying to fit into a smaller size for the vanity of a tag with a smaller number; I’m just constantly battling my standard sizes thinning down.

I wonder what Michael Kors or Diane von Furstenberg would do if they traveled the same locations as “Finding Thin” and really took note at what Americans really look like. Not everyone is a size two… let alone a size zero (what I refer to as “size non-existent”). The average American woman can’t squeeze into the unrealistic expectations that clothing designers create…

and I can assure you that she doesn’t feel beautiful when she tries.

Of course designers design for all sizes, but as soon as we reach a
select size we go from model material to plus-size clothing. There’s a reason why the racks are always full of smalls and extra smalls; the larger sizes are selling out.

Dear Designers-If all the larger sizes sell out first, doesn’t that give you an indication of what the public wants?

As for me, where is the regular? Why is there no in between?

I think everyone should occasionally indulge a little retail therapy.

Go ahead and buy that new shirt or skirt to show off whatever you are
proud of, even at that “regularly plus size”.

Maybe I need a new form of therapy.

Flight Travel For The Fat Man

After our very recent trip to L.A., I can officially verify that flying…sucks.

Sorry for the lack of better terms, but it is simply incredible how uncomfortable and expensive it truly is if you are obese.

Even from the time you check in, there’s a fee for the carry-on.

The seats are now half the size of a children’s roller coaster, but for a little bit more money out of my pocket, you can fly in a bigger seat.

I watched many people who were in no way overweight even struggle.

I think it’s time for a change.

Flight attendants are practically non-existent; they shout out the safety information when we are “comfortably seated” and then they proceed to sit down themselves to get right to their novel (Thanks Spirit).

Perhaps the next implemented idea should be charging by the pound for the ticket. I mean if the airline can’t afford the luggage, a mid-flight snack, or a little extra room for even the average customer, then we must take drastic steps….right?

Here’s an idea…why don’t we put the heaviest people in cargo and then make it an upgrade price to make it to the seating area? It’s genius; right, America?

Times have truly changed for the worse with flying. Plus, in our trying times of fighting obesity, I find it extremely ironic that they now sell value meals including soda, chips and chocolate chip cookies.

I think that’s sort of going the wrong way with pushing people to lose weight. Or are the ignoring the obesity epidemic and pushing for a more fattening flight experience to grab the extra buck?

Anyway, that is the traveling rant for L.A.

Tomorrow, I will cover an inside scoop about my quest in “Finding Thin” with what used to be among the thinest states… California. For starters…the earthquakes, fires and mudslides have not been the only things to change since I left years ago. California has been losing their thin.

Houston we have a problem”.

Oh yeah, I forgot that they have their own problems with weight control down there too…

Carrie Fisher; Jenny Craig Star For The Day

I posted a few days ago that Carrie had just joined Jenny Craig as their new spokesman.

So far their success rates with celebrities and weight loss is about 50/50 and not what I would consider promising.

I certainly wish Ms. Fisher the very best as I was awarded the great opportunity of interviewing her many years ago for the show, ‘Inside Entertainment’ and she was a complete pro.

I am frightened that odds of dieting success are against her. I worry it’ll become a temporary fix for some great publicity that could turn against her as it has for others in the past.

Will Carrie be ridiculed in the public eye if something goes wrong? What will Jenny Craig say at that point?

I know that I tried to reach Jenny Craig many months ago to come on camera but they never kept their word on getting back to me.

That really doesn’t speak well for a company that has nothing to hide.

So come on out Jenny! Give us a few moments of your time!

We aren’t coming at you with bad intentions and have a list of some of the greatest authors and scholars out there that have appeared in the film.

I will be waiting patiently by the phone for your call.


Obesity Now Greater Threat To Military Then Homosexuality

Obesity now a greater threat to US Troops then homosexuality!

We all thought ‘Don’t ask, Don’t’ tell would protect us from getting infected with a dose of humanity by prohibiting gays in the military. How stupid and ignorant that was. Though watch out, there is now an even bigger threat and it is called obesity.
In 2008 the military wrongly discharged 634 individuals under the ‘Don’t ask, Don’t tell’ rule.
Recently though, over 5,000 military personal were discharged for failing to meet military weight standards.
It looks like they got it wrong all this time. It wasn’t the gays that were the perceived threat to the military’s morale and readiness. Rather the fact that some soldiers might have been spending to much time in the Mess Hall.
Perhaps now we can take the time to not only teach acceptance of others but also learn how to cook and eat healthy.
Just think, a new venue for Weight Watchers to hold meetings at.

Honk if You’re Fat

Today was one of the most tiring production days I had in a little while. It was also very challenging. Around 4pm, we walked towards a busy road and finally shot the « Honk if you’re fat » segment.

I actually had been rescheduling this shoot for months. Why? Because for this segment, I had to stand on the side of a main road holding a sign reading « Honk if you’re fat », without knowing at all how people would react.

What if they shouted mean things to me or didn’t even honk at all for that matter? That would either hurt my feelings or be a waste of time.

The shoot turned out to be a success. About a third of the cars honked. Most people were very kind and had a great time. Nobody judged me, everyone had a laugh. Even people that didn’t honk were respectful and no insult flew my way.

I was nervous and embarrassed at first, and then I started enjoying it. I wondered if having weight issues was some sort of taboo. I guess for people that honked, it wasn’t. Most of them waved proudly. Somehow I felt like I wasn’t alone anymore.

Would you have honked?