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The Journey of Finding Thin

It has been a very long journey completing the film. Personally and professionally, it has been the most challenging undertaking of my career. I have been so fortunate to have a cast ranging from Jillian Michaels to Mike Huckabee, The FDA, Weight Watchers and hundreds of others.

When I started out, we were “a nobody” and it was very hard to get people to come aboard.

Now the big names keep coming and I will be traveling the final ten states out west that we have not hit in our search for truly, finding thin.

The reason I started this quest was to find the magic answer and to be honest, up until this week I wasn’t sure that I had yet.

But now, perhaps I have found the answers to the questions of  the ambiguous title, “Finding Thin”. Of course you will have to wait for the film to come out as the answers will indeed surprise and hopefully help you on your personal journey for long lasting weight loss…and most importantly, a long healthy lifestyle.

For most of the movie, I was putting on weight but now I seem to have that under much better control. I have the support of the best cast and team that I have ever worked with. I would never want to do another film without them. I have made many real and loyal friends, team members, and great interviews that I can really count on.

All the celebrities, trainers and authors that have come aboard to help have created a mind-blowing revelation that I can’t wait to share with you.

One of the biggest things was trying to find the real people from the pretenders. Sometimes true talent and sincerity is very hard to come by but I feel very confident that I have found it.

This movie showed me that there is a support system out there, including all of you online reading this blog right now.

If I can help just one person with this struggle to get healthy, then I have something to be very grateful for.

We didn’t take any outside funding for this movie in order to keep our impartiality and integrity and I am so proud of that accomplishment. There aren’t many films of this magnitude that can say this.

I will guarantee you that this will be one of the biggest films on weight loss and I am so proud to share it with you.

Let’s all keep joining together to fight the fight against this dreaded disease of obesity. I know we can beat it.

So please know that there is hope out there and please share your thoughts or suggestions to us.

The ‘Finding Thin’ team and I are eager to hear and help all of you in any way we can.

What’s your post-workout snack strategy?

vending machine | hotel gym

Snack trap!

I stayed at a hotel while on location recently and took advantage of the on-site gym. It was an impressive space, filled with every workout convenience. However, the conveniences of the space were overshadowed by the availability of junk food just outside the door.

I stopped at the vending machine across the hall from the Nautilus, hoping for a bottled water or an energy bar. Think they had any? Not even close. Chips and candy dominated the machine. Carbs after a work out I could see, but this was ridiculous. I was here to try to get healthy and lose weight, and the hotel and its gym weren’t helping my resolve.

It takes hours to burn off a soft drink or a bag of chips — far more time than I’d spent on my workout. And that’s what I reminded myself as I reluctantly walked past temptation. I had won my battle for now, but next time? It’s a constant struggle.

Please help! What strategies do you use to fight post-workout munchies?

-Barry Roskin Blake

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