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The Office Candy Bowl Diet For Weight Loss

Many of us think we have the will power to say no to the office treats co-workers bring in. Most people will walk by those cookies or cake their associates have brought in for everyone and simply say “not for me” in response to the enticing offer.

Well I can tell you that after about the tenth birthday celebration, the tenth work anniversary party and the tenth baby shower at work, the sugary treats will win in the struggle of weight loss. What is more ironic is that your co-workers are also threatening not only your health, but your employment also.

In these hard economic times, companies don’t want to pay the higher insurance premiums and will take that into consideration if you are applying for a job. So please do everyone a favor and save your money and your job.

There is always time to stand around the water cooler and talk about the sideshow of ‘Dancing With The Stars’ as Kirstie Alley takes a fall because of her weight.

Maybe we should be talking about how she got that way and is struggling to lose.

But she has the guts to still get up there and dance.


Obesity: A Greater Threat To U.S. Troops Than Homosexuality!

We all thought “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” would protect us from getting infected with a dose of humanity by prohibiting gays in the military… and how truly stupid and ignorant it was.

But watch out, there is now an even bigger threat and it is called obesity.

In 2008, the military wrongly discharged 634 people under the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy. Recently though, over 5,000 were discharged for failing to meet military weight standards.

It looks like they got it wrong all this time. It wasn’t the gays that were the threat to the military’s readiness and morale; it was the Mess Hall that some soldiers may have been spending too much time in.

Perhaps now we can take the time to not only teach acceptance of others but also learn how to cook and eat healthy.

Just think, a new venue for Weight Watchers to hold meetings.