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Corn Sugar = The Devil?

I understand the theory that corn sugar –referred as high fructose corn syrup to many- could in fact be considered “The Devil” when it comes to our intake.

The problem with that theory is that chemically, the differences are not that significant to make me care. Corn Syrup is in almost everything we eat and there are still thin people walking the earth.

Is there some secret evil conspiracy among the thin?  Or, is it the idea of moderation coming into play here?

I used to love to single out and blame one type of food or ingredient for my being overweight; but I have come to realize that it is a culmination of many factors that make me in fact, fat.

On the days that I overeat with sugary foods, I gain weight. Yet on the days when I eat lower amounts of sugary based foods, I lose weight.

Perhaps we need to blame the environment or the commercial advertising that is aimed at our children or my adult-self. One could even start to blame vegetables and fruits if they consume a much higher amount then the norm.

If moderation and exercise leads to a calorie deficit and significant weight loss, then how can it be the fault of corn sugar? We point our finger to fault anything or anybody for our dietary choices and inevitably our faults.

So maybe if we all just try to work with what we have and stop looking for that one item to “blame”, we could then take responsibility for ourselves and begin to win the battle of the bulge.