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Will Ferrell And The Office Take On Obesity

Will Ferrell excitedly talking with the rest of The Office crew

Will Ferrell Guest Staring In "The Office" In Order To Take Over Steve Carell's Position. Photo by Chris Haston – © NBC Universal, Inc.

NBC’s television show, The Office, finally took on a real subject last night with a great performance by recent guest star Will Ferrell.

Warning: Small Spoiler Alert!

DeAngelo Vickers as played by Will Ferrell Smiling in at his desk in his new office

He can lose 200 pounds, but he can't resist the sweet taste of some delicious cake! Photo by Chris Haston © NBC Universal, Inc.

Ferrell’s character, DeAngelo Vickers, brags about how he lost over two hundred pounds. And because he “beat” obesity, Vickers proclaims he was unstoppable and could take on any obstacle or situation that would come his way.

Well, it all sounds great except for one thing; the question of how he accomplished the weight loss was never really explained.

However, a very disconcerting issue that hits home to more than 90% of America was addressed. While sitting alone in the break room, Ferrell’s character suddenly took notice of Dunder Mifflin’s office vending machine. Filled with nothing but sugary addictive treats, he suddenly starts to fight the temptation of struggling with his old habits and desires. In the end, he finally manages to fight off his urges and walks away.

Towards the end of the show, Ferrell’s character didn’t hesitate to take the first big piece of a cake during an office party. Naturally, everyone gives him that typical look that all people give to dieters. It’s that look that makes you feel like you’ve committed a moral sin whenever you eat anything that isn’t copacetic with a Weight Watchers diet.

Unfortunately for Ferrell’s character, taking that first piece of cake was an ultimate trigger. After eating the first piece, he ended up throwing it in the garbage out of pure disgust and disbelief in his lack of willpower. It triggers the battle between his mind and his body over the cake; he’s grabbing pieces of the cake with his hands and ends up throwing them into the garbage in a repeating power struggle over the delicious yet unhealthy treat.

This kind of outbreak is almost always indicative of food deprivation and poor dieting, not to leave out what I truly believe sugar addiction can do to a person.

Overall, I applaud The Office for creating an episode that brings such a real and serious health issue to the public light in an entertaining way.

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A couple of days ago my mother went to a restaurant I used to spend a lot of time at when I was a kid. Since my mother didn’t cook, we would go there 3-4 times a week. The rest of the week, we’d spend at other restaurants’. This time I didn’t eat with her.

Once at the restaurant, she called me to ask if I wanted anything. The sugarholic inside me asked for a piece of carrot cake. I told her I wanted ‘a carrot’, thinking she would understand it meant a piece of carrot cake. I guess I should have been clearer.

Imagine how surprised I was when my mother called me up again asking for help. She told me the piece of cake was too heavy for her to carry to the house. I wondered why. When I got to her car, I found a gigantic carrot cake. This thing must have been at least 10 pounds!

I brought it home and figured I would freeze it and get a treat later this week. I ended up leaving it in the fridge just in case. I felt strong enough to resist the temptation until last night. Around 7pm, I heard the call of the carrot cake.

Luckily, I only had one piece. I wanted to hide the rest in the basement refrigerator but there is no room. Hopefully, I will not get tempted to eat another piece tonight, or even worse, eat the whole cake.

I have discovered I have no self-control whatsoever when I am facing sugar-based desserts in the house. I want to say I will not eat the cake all at once but I cannot predict or promise anything, I wish I could.

My new motto: Stay away from things you can’t handle and don’t let your entourage sabotage your diet.

How do I prevent myself from binging though? Is it only about will power?