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Fad Diets and Deprivation for Weight Loss…

After reviewing all the diets I’ve tried throughout the years, I have found the one that really works. The answer? Don’t diet.

That doesn’t mean that I am subscribing one to not eat right and do moderate exercise, but rather don’t put your body in deprivation.

I had a doctor back in my late teens who put me on a three hundred calorie-a-day diet.

The weight was coming off like crazy but after two months of eating basically nothing, I began to get light headed every day. Finally I ended up in the emergency room. It was at this point that I started to realize that deprivation wasn’t a form of dieting but actually a form of starvation.

The more I would starve my body, the less I would lose.

It seemed crazy to me but I began to understand the idea of fueling my fire of food. I really believe that the more I just substitute the items I am eating, the better I will feel and the rest will happen naturally.

When I need support I know that there are still some decent diet groups out there, like Weight Watchers being the best and healthiest that I have come across.

Just please don’t make my mistakes and think that the lower the number you feed your body means the lower the number of pounds. Depravation and Fad dieting does not work. Fad used to mean hot one day then gone the next.

I want a lifestyle change that I can live with as second nature and make a part of my every day existence.


The Starvation Diet

I feel that I am taking off the weight, my pants are not as tight and I can walk a bit more. I am counting every single calorie I put in my mouth.  I even bought a bag of carrots for the first time in ages. However, today I woke up extremely tired.

For the last couple of days, I have experienced a loss of energy. My walks have been tortures. Just getting up is tiring. I am falling asleep while reading. I have trouble focusing and remembering things.

I thought it was a side effect from my meds. I have just realized it is coming from my new diet. The most I have eaten in the last week is 1400 calories but lately I ate less than 1000 calories. I know I am under-eating but I am so concerned about what I eat that I am becoming scared of food.

I have no appetite. I thought it was a good thing and it would help me lose weight but I am feeling very weak. I am just really not that hungry. I have this new challenge of eating less and less.  When I look at my food log and see the calorie counts go down, it excites me. All I care about is keeping the numbers low.

There is a lot of research out there on healthy eating but not much on what to eat when you’re not hungry.  I don’t want to force-feed myself. What’s the worse that can happen if I continue eating like this?