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What’s your post-workout snack strategy?

vending machine | hotel gym

Snack trap!

I stayed at a hotel while on location recently and took advantage of the on-site gym. It was an impressive space, filled with every workout convenience. However, the conveniences of the space were overshadowed by the availability of junk food just outside the door.

I stopped at the vending machine across the hall from the Nautilus, hoping for a bottled water or an energy bar. Think they had any? Not even close. Chips and candy dominated the machine. Carbs after a work out I could see, but this was ridiculous. I was here to try to get healthy and lose weight, and the hotel and its gym weren’t helping my resolve.

It takes hours to burn off a soft drink or a bag of chips — far more time than I’d spent on my workout. And that’s what I reminded myself as I reluctantly walked past temptation. I had won my battle for now, but next time? It’s a constant struggle.

Please help! What strategies do you use to fight post-workout munchies?

-Barry Roskin Blake

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