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Obese Children Causing Santa Serious Injury

With childhood obesity at an all-time high, my holiday wish for Santa this year would be for all kids to be able to sit on Santa’s lap without causing him serious injury.


Now since almost one in five children are overweight, Santa must be on the verge of developing a hernia.


It really is the job of the parents to decide what holiday treats to keep in the house this season. I strongly encourage them to save their kids from years of emotional and physical problems by storing your refrigerator with the right foods.


The holidays should be about heartwarming feelings, friends, and family. It’s not about the accumulation of how many pounds the immediate and extended family can gain in one holiday season.


After all, the number one New Year’s resolution is for one to lose weight… and after January 2nd, how long is that resolution truly kept in focus?


In the end, do you really want your own child to be bigger then Santa himself?


Looking for Healthy in a World of Junk

What should I eat?

These days, everything I see or read has something to do with eating healthy. From Michelle Obama to news stations and even at schools, the new message is “be healthy”. My problem: I find it overwhelming and even crushing sometimes.

When I go shopping at my local grocery store, I don’t know what to get anymore. I have discovered that whatever I used to buy is unhealthy. I was told not a long time ago that my favorite yoghurt was very bad for me. I have just realized that most of my diet was full of chemical garbage.

Then, if I try to buy healthier products, the prices are so high that I feel powerless about what to do. Fruits and vegetables have become a luxury item I cannot afford, and the few coupons I get are always for unhealthy foods or things I don’t like.

I  don’t know how to shop healthy and affordable. I don’t like cooking. My fridge is either empty or filled with junk and I often end up ordering in. I was told to get control over what I eat, I find is very hard to do.  I don’t even desire the so-called healthy foods really.

I feel like everybody is telling us to get out there and eat healthy, but nobody is telling us how we can pay for it and switch our lifestyles. I’d like some inputs…