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Weight Watchers: Week One

Last week was my first week back with Weight Watchers and it was not an easy one. The program is great and there are tons of nice people to support me at the meetings. What made it difficult was finding the time to eat three meals a day and to try and do it the right way.

And to add on top of the usual food agony, I had a personal loss that led to a couple of days of emotional overeating.

The one good thing to come out of this was that I realized my faulty eating was out of emotions; I could try and make different choices at any time. It’s just that I felt so heart broken that I didn’t care.

This is something that I will always need to work on. However, the fact that I could now identify these moments truly showed that I have been making progress.

Now I need to focus on getting back into a regular schedule of meetings and weighing myself on the scale. But most importantly, weighing myself and attending meetings without self-judgment

I have found that my biggest critic is myself and I don’t have to be.

So this week I am starting to feel better and exercise to get those endorphins running again. It is just nice to know that with this film and the community that I am trying to build, I know one thing for sure… I am not alone.