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I Found The Secret To The Perfect Diet!

I can’t recall how many new diets every month that have come out promising losing twenty pounds in twenty days. Even magazine articles from the supermarket shelves carried the same claims and more.

And I’ve tried them all.

Needless to say, I would lose weight very quickly that I could keep off for a couple of months at the very most. Then of course, the weight returned even faster as I could not keep up with these crazy new methods.

If there really were a special diet that had long lasting effects, we would have heard about it.

But in truth, we have already.

For me it is two very important things.

First and foremost, don’t expect miracles in a day. Small advances every day leads to success in the long term. The second, for which I am finally discovering, is that you have to include fitness in your lifestyle somewhere. Eating right is only half the battle.

Getting out outside my sitting comfort zone and starting to walk and exercise was the missing link to making the difference I so longed for.

There are so many exercise programs, DVD’s, and techniques that some heavy people, like myself, have been afraid to pursue, thinking that we could never do it. The great thing is that these can all be modified to get you going at whatever size you are at.

So now when I want to emotionally eat, I can make better choices and go and walk it off.

Don’t get me wrong, I still have bad days but the will power is getting much better.

Less bad days and more exercise shows me that there is hope out there and I need not worry about the instant results as much as long term weight loss and keeping it off.

So if your thing is Weight Watchers, Jillian Michaels or Tony Horton’s intense workout, just know that these are all a success story in progress if you just take the time to commit. And commit yourself one day at a time.

The greatest success for me is to watch my choices and habits changing slowly but sticking so I don’t have to ever put this weight back on again.

The magic of dieting is not in a magic diet, but it’s in myself and my commitment… and that is where I need to turn first.

My Screams For Help Have Fallen On Deaf Ears

For all the years I’ve tried to diet, there have been plenty of books and programs out there to try to assist.

I chose many different dietary assistant programs. In turn, I was always able to blame each one for “failing me”. I even complained about the agony on even starting a certain program. In the end, these were all just excuses of my own. It was the program’s fault …never mine.

People wanted to help me and I thought that I really wanted to change. I finally realized that the one person resisting and deaf to my screams for help was myself. I had become my own worst enemy, best eating buddy, and the one person who could come up with more excuses to get myself out of a diet without hesitation.

Now, I realize that as much as there are people and programs to help me, I really am still alone at certain times during the day and will always be responsible for myself my eating decisions. Learning to take control is the only way I think I will ever get to even making a dent in this lifelong battle.

Though I do believe there is hope. The fact that I have come this far proves it.