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Today, I wrote down exactly what I ate and kept track of calorie counts and quantity. For 3 days in a row I have been keeping a log of my food intake. I began to be followed by a doctor almost a month ago so it sounds weird to only have 3 days on record.

What happened is that, I didn’t care about what I was eating as long as I estimated that it wasn’t bad for me.  And whatever I ate that was unhealthy or things I binged on, I literally erased them from my memory and didn’t keep track of it.

I am finally going along with the concept of “discipline”. I hate that word, can’t stand it. Probably reminds me of some bad childhood memories or jobs I didn’t keep or didn’t like. I hate the sound of it so much that we refer it as “getting your sh…t together” on the Finding Thin team.

Before the “getting your sh…it together” era, I would leave the office from time to time to go eat something without my team knowing about it. I would buy ice cream at the same time I’d go buy my medication. I would sneak in biscuits and cookies… I’d order pizza and hide the boxes not to get caught. I actually got busted a couple of times.

I went shopping two days ago and didn’t buy the snack food or ice cream I would usually get. Since I was at my favorite store and there is so much to find there, I did get boxes of my favorite 100-calorie chocolate covered peanut butter snack bars… but before I even touched them, I gave them away so I wouldn’t get tempted.

Next time I go shopping, I will go with a list of healthy things to buy and a plan on how not to get attracted to the usual microwavable and frozen meals… I also plan on learning how to cook and enjoy it. I will not go shopping on my own anymore until I am strong enough not to buy things I shouldn’t eat.

Am I on the right path?


Am I Making you Fat?

I came across several articles and newscasts using statistics to claim that obesity is socially contagious. At first, I didn’t even consider the statement.  After reading about it again and taking a closer look at my family and friends, I am thinking it might be true.

Yes, my brother and mother are obese so I already know this is a family thing for us. Today was my mother’s birthday and the three of us went out for dinner. I can guestimate that my brother weighs in at 400 pounds and my mother around 370 pounds.

My childhood friends are all overweight or obese. All we would do is go get shamrock shakes, pizza or corn beef sandwiches and hang out in a car. Ironically, while working on this documentary, some of my colleagues have put on some weight too.

What I am realizing is that most of the time, our source of entertainment is food.  I go out with friends and family for lunch or dinner a lot… It mostly includes eating, seating, talking, watching movies => basically no activity.

I feel like we influenced each other in eating poorly without realizing it. I didn’t think that randomly hanging out could make people fat.  I guess next time you plan a play date/outing; you might want to include some sort of exercise in there.

How do I avoid making everyone fat in my entourage?

My brother and mother, a few years ago