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Weighing In On My Resolution

I was feeling quite guilty this past year as I saw myself gaining weight going against my resolutions I set last year.

This feeling of guilt followed me until I discovered the other day that I was exactly the same weight that I was last March.

Some might say that this is a terrible fact and I should be filled with shame, but I am taking a different approach this year. I now look at it as an important piece of information through my personal journey on the film.

And even though at my same weight, I have to give myself the benefit of the doubt that I did not gain any weight back.

I have not gone back up to four hundred pounds. I have beat the odds in an odd kind of way.

Now I find myself able to turn away certain foods that I used to eat all the time.  I don’t feel deprived anywhere as much as I used to.

So, the next time I make a resolution or goal, I will think realistically and make it more attainable so I actually feel better about myself… and prove myself against all odds.


Carrie Fisher; Jenny Craig Star For The Day

I posted a few days ago that Carrie had just joined Jenny Craig as their new spokesman.

So far their success rates with celebrities and weight loss is about 50/50 and not what I would consider promising.

I certainly wish Ms. Fisher the very best as I was awarded the great opportunity of interviewing her many years ago for the show, ‘Inside Entertainment’ and she was a complete pro.

I am frightened that odds of dieting success are against her. I worry it’ll become a temporary fix for some great publicity that could turn against her as it has for others in the past.

Will Carrie be ridiculed in the public eye if something goes wrong? What will Jenny Craig say at that point?

I know that I tried to reach Jenny Craig many months ago to come on camera but they never kept their word on getting back to me.

That really doesn’t speak well for a company that has nothing to hide.

So come on out Jenny! Give us a few moments of your time!

We aren’t coming at you with bad intentions and have a list of some of the greatest authors and scholars out there that have appeared in the film.

I will be waiting patiently by the phone for your call.