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The Journey of Finding Thin

It has been a very long journey completing the film. Personally and professionally, it has been the most challenging undertaking of my career. I have been so fortunate to have a cast ranging from Jillian Michaels to Mike Huckabee, The FDA, Weight Watchers and hundreds of others.

When I started out, we were “a nobody” and it was very hard to get people to come aboard.

Now the big names keep coming and I will be traveling the final ten states out west that we have not hit in our search for truly, finding thin.

The reason I started this quest was to find the magic answer and to be honest, up until this week I wasn’t sure that I had yet.

But now, perhaps I have found the answers to the questions of  the ambiguous title, “Finding Thin”. Of course you will have to wait for the film to come out as the answers will indeed surprise and hopefully help you on your personal journey for long lasting weight loss…and most importantly, a long healthy lifestyle.

For most of the movie, I was putting on weight but now I seem to have that under much better control. I have the support of the best cast and team that I have ever worked with. I would never want to do another film without them. I have made many real and loyal friends, team members, and great interviews that I can really count on.

All the celebrities, trainers and authors that have come aboard to help have created a mind-blowing revelation that I can’t wait to share with you.

One of the biggest things was trying to find the real people from the pretenders. Sometimes true talent and sincerity is very hard to come by but I feel very confident that I have found it.

This movie showed me that there is a support system out there, including all of you online reading this blog right now.

If I can help just one person with this struggle to get healthy, then I have something to be very grateful for.

We didn’t take any outside funding for this movie in order to keep our impartiality and integrity and I am so proud of that accomplishment. There aren’t many films of this magnitude that can say this.

I will guarantee you that this will be one of the biggest films on weight loss and I am so proud to share it with you.

Let’s all keep joining together to fight the fight against this dreaded disease of obesity. I know we can beat it.

So please know that there is hope out there and please share your thoughts or suggestions to us.

The ‘Finding Thin’ team and I are eager to hear and help all of you in any way we can.

Stop Dieting Forever

The End of Dieting Part II

So with giving up on dieting and not wanting to live as a hermit, I finally turned to a book that had a approach that made sense to me. Dr. Judith Beck takes the CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) approach. She seemed pretty qualified to write about it since her father Dr. Aaron Beck was the one who created it.
This type of thinking goes into psychological approach as to why we eat. I know of so many emotional eaters including myself. So why not start from the inside out. Come to terms with you emotions and then your body. I am actually into body acceptance but also into healthy eating and practice when possible.
This bring me to my next favorite new thoughts and actions. The introduction of systems from Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft. All make game systems that let you exercise from the house while playing games. For the first time that I can remember, exercise was fun.
The Kinect from Microsoft Xbox even lets you go hands free and feel as though you are part of the game. How fantastic technology has gotten.
So there really is no good reason not to exercise or spend a ton of money at the gym.
Next up are the diet books. While I am sure most of the authors had good intentions, the odds are still against you succeeding and you then put back on the weight. Except they have your money. Really take a close look at the authors out there. If Judith Beck is not for you then I suggest you look at some of the titles by Dr. Michael Roizen and Dr.Mehmet Oz. I have had the pleasure of sitting with Dr. Rozien as well and he is a fantastic and dedicated man.
So to tie things up for this New Years Resolution, small changes and Stop Dieting.
Just learn to accept yourself first and then work from there.

Hiding From The Truth

In the last couple of years I gained a significant amount of weight. I feel a bit shameful when I think about it; after all, I am working on a documentary called “Finding Thin”…

Last week, I stayed in bed most of the time. I did not move or eat much. I did not keep track of what I ate or how much I walked. My clothes have been getting tighter and tighter and I haven’t been able to do anything about it. I think I have been hiding from my issues and myself a bit too much.

I started seeing a new doctor. She is a general physician and used to be heavy too so she can totally relate to what I am going through. I thought of canceling the appointment this week because I know that I haven’t been doing what she asked me to. I feel like a kid that hasn’t done his homework.

I don’t understand: One day I get up and feel like I can do anything, the next day a cold hits me and I am back in bed. Some other days, I can’t take my back and neck pains anymore and I end up medicating myself so much that I cannot think straight. I think sleeping and medications are supposed to help me. When I sleep, I don’t think and I am not in pain, that’s why people who know me have seen me more often laying down on a couch than sitting at a desk. I don’t think I am being lazy.

This week I have to step on the scale. I am worried I will be heavier than 2 weeks ago. I read this book that advises neither getting up on the scale or worrying about numbers, they say it’s about clothing sizes. Last time I checked, I am wearing 3XL and it feels as painful as knowing that I weigh 344 pounds.

I am a bit lost. I think I want to change but I am not finding the continuous strength and motivation to do so. I keep on telling myself I will make it through but I always get back to not exercising enough and eating unhealthy.

Am I lying to myself or is change just an illusion?