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The iPod Saved My Life

When I was four hundred and fifty pounds, I couldn’t even walk ten feet without getting out of breath. I

tried exercising by walking outside but just couldn’thandle it. I just couldn’t have it in me.

One day I bought myself perhaps the greatest materialistic possession ever. It was the legendary iPod. Suddenly I was inspired. I was walking out a half a block in no time at all.

Now-years later- I have my iPhone and iPad and I am starting again. I had lost a ton of weight, was in a serious truck accident that took almost five years of my life and put a lot of weight back on.

To now have the chance to start walking outside again to help with the weight loss was so refreshing. I found myself walking longer then I thought I would. It would even help take my mind off the pain.

So as I find my way back, I just want to put out a personal thank you to the folks over at Apple for assisting me in taking off the weight and getting my health back.

An apple a day definitely keeps the doctor away.


Stairway to Heaven

My mother uses technology a lot. She’s got an iPhone and a mac. She is on the Internet often. She even owns a scooter. The latest thing she bought is a chair lift that goes all the way up her staircase.  She will acquire a van soon. Somehow I feel like the technologies that were supposed to make her life easier made it worse. How sad… I sometime blame myself since I couldn’t stop it. This is not how I wanted my mother’s retirement years to be.

She recently purchased a mobility scooter to help her get around at home and outside. The doctor warned her that once she’d start using it, she would probably never stop, rightfully so. Now she cannot walk more than 5 or 10 feet without being out of breath. The only exercise she got was going up and down the stairs at home, she found it too tiring, so she had a motorized chair lift installed.

When even walking became too exhausting, she started to spend most of her time in her bedroom. Now she cannot even make it to the kitchen. She orders food in all the time; it’s sent to her on the chair lift. Soon she will buy a powered wheel chair to get around the house because she cannot make it from the living room to the dining room.

A couple of years ago, she was walking just fine. What happened to her? She blames it on having a small heart defect but I blame it on obesity. I also blame it on any unneeded device that led her to make less and less physical efforts until reaching this point of no return.

Now I will think twice about using a people mover at the airport or taking the elevator for a couple of floors. I feel like I’d be quitting on myself if I did. To me, using these technologies without absolutely needing them is one step closer to heaven…