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HealthCorps, an Organization to Teach Kids about Health

HealthCorps is a organization started by the great Dr. Mehmet Oz and run by the fantastic Michelle Bouchard to push for education, better eating and fitness for children. You already know of Dr Oz, but you probably haven’t heard of Michelle. She has three years experience as the CFO of the Governors Island Preservation and Education Corporation, a public benefit Corp for the state of New York, and also started two not for profit theaters in New York. On a personal note, Michelle has been very supportive of my own weight loss journey. She was the first person to notice my weight loss. Truly, she’s a first class lady running a first class organization.

HealthCorps approach is to work with kids via peer monitoring in schools. Educator, peer-mentor and activist coordinators work with individual schools to develop a tailored edition of HealthCorps. They are all involved in two year commitments to help these students and their community. Through the program, students are taught to shop for good food, to cook healthily, and to exercise. I feel the later is so important, particularly when physical education is being cut in so many schools.

At first I was skeptical. It seemed like a big name attached to a puff project, but I’ve seen for myself the results they’ve been able to achieve. It amazes me how they’ve been able to influence these kids in such a short amount of time. I applaud their efforts to reach out to under-served communities and to start an organization that goes to the heart of weight-related issues in this generation of at-risk youth.

However, Dr. Oz and Michelle Bouchard can’t do it alone. I implore everyone to take a closer look at this organization and do what you can to help them improve the lives of children.

You can learn more here!

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