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The Starvation Diet

I feel that I am taking off the weight, my pants are not as tight and I can walk a bit more. I am counting every single calorie I put in my mouth.  I even bought a bag of carrots for the first time in ages. However, today I woke up extremely tired.

For the last couple of days, I have experienced a loss of energy. My walks have been tortures. Just getting up is tiring. I am falling asleep while reading. I have trouble focusing and remembering things.

I thought it was a side effect from my meds. I have just realized it is coming from my new diet. The most I have eaten in the last week is 1400 calories but lately I ate less than 1000 calories. I know I am under-eating but I am so concerned about what I eat that I am becoming scared of food.

I have no appetite. I thought it was a good thing and it would help me lose weight but I am feeling very weak. I am just really not that hungry. I have this new challenge of eating less and less.  When I look at my food log and see the calorie counts go down, it excites me. All I care about is keeping the numbers low.

There is a lot of research out there on healthy eating but not much on what to eat when you’re not hungry.  I don’t want to force-feed myself. What’s the worse that can happen if I continue eating like this?