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Flight Travel For The Fat Man

After our very recent trip to L.A., I can officially verify that flying…sucks.

Sorry for the lack of better terms, but it is simply incredible how uncomfortable and expensive it truly is if you are obese.

Even from the time you check in, there’s a fee for the carry-on.

The seats are now half the size of a children’s roller coaster, but for a little bit more money out of my pocket, you can fly in a bigger seat.

I watched many people who were in no way overweight even struggle.

I think it’s time for a change.

Flight attendants are practically non-existent; they shout out the safety information when we are “comfortably seated” and then they proceed to sit down themselves to get right to their novel (Thanks Spirit).

Perhaps the next implemented idea should be charging by the pound for the ticket. I mean if the airline can’t afford the luggage, a mid-flight snack, or a little extra room for even the average customer, then we must take drastic steps….right?

Here’s an idea…why don’t we put the heaviest people in cargo and then make it an upgrade price to make it to the seating area? It’s genius; right, America?

Times have truly changed for the worse with flying. Plus, in our trying times of fighting obesity, I find it extremely ironic that they now sell value meals including soda, chips and chocolate chip cookies.

I think that’s sort of going the wrong way with pushing people to lose weight. Or are the ignoring the obesity epidemic and pushing for a more fattening flight experience to grab the extra buck?

Anyway, that is the traveling rant for L.A.

Tomorrow, I will cover an inside scoop about my quest in “Finding Thin” with what used to be among the thinest states… California. For starters…the earthquakes, fires and mudslides have not been the only things to change since I left years ago. California has been losing their thin.

Houston we have a problem”.

Oh yeah, I forgot that they have their own problems with weight control down there too…

Too Fat To Fly

It started a while back when Southwest and United Airlines implemented new rules in which overweight individuals could be barred from the plane for safety reasons or forced to purchase an extra ticket.


I was appalled at the time since they were they were already making the seats so small that average size people could barely fit in them comfortably.

Well watch out all flight attendants, it is

your turn now. Thai Airways International has informed their employees that they could be grounded if they don’t stay within their new weight guidelines.

To add insult to injury, they are also trying to change their image by getting rid of any flight attendants that are over the age of forty-five.

So I guess the new image must be an eighty-pound, twenty one-year-old to work there.

Talk about changes…could the pilots be next on the list?

Yet even as these companies keep implementing weight limits, there is still a certain airline that is giving out warm cookies on all their flights.

Talk about the hypocrisy.

What’s next; start charging ticket prices per pound?