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New Year’s Resolution: Fire All The Fat People

With the healthcare costs and insurance policies skyrocketing in prices, what choice do we have as part of the working force?

Deny healthcare to thousands of employees that fall within the contractual guidelines or get rid of the ones who are draining and depleting the system?

If we could just deny access to healthcare to anyone over a certain BMI then perhaps the whole situation would go away.

The number of obese adults and children keeps rising faster then we can catch up. At this rate, a company would have to lay off more then half of their employees. And with the economy being as rough as it is already, people in general tend to buy cheaper foods. Cheaper and even less healthy.

At this rate, we could have an 80% obesity rating within the next five years alone. It looks as though this will not fix the problem but highlight Americas newest most deadliest enemy combatant.

Tough times call for tough measures… and seemingly even tougher for the heaviest.