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Making My Way Back From Diet Despair

I had been battling a flu bug for a month now that has finally given out and allowed me to be feel well again. Not much energy though.

The problem is that the weight I may have gained from not exercising and giving into those food temptations really made me feel like a failure.

It is so very hard not to blame yourself when you get sick and make certain wrong food decisions.

Trying to get it back together has not been a quick fix for me. I should know better after all the traveling and fantastic experts that have been in the film preaching the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

There is no magic bullet or quick fix for taking off weight. It is effort and exercise that will bring me back little by little.

After all, a little bit adds to a lot after a while.

So I am going to learn to stop blaming myself and instead concentrate on the positive. I find that it is only a mistake if you fail to correct it.

The Rise and Fall of Kirstie Alley (Again)

First,  it was Jenny Craig that was supposed to be the saving grace.

That diet did not work out for her.

Was it really a surprise given the statistics?


It really wasn’t her fault as she had many resources that any human could possibly want and a great financial reward.

After she gained it back Kirstie sought to fight her public weight loss again on her own reality show and started show some progress.

After the show? She sort of disappeared from the TV airwaves.

It wasn’t until recently when she showed up in the public. She did not appear to be the happiest person- as I know that feeling when you try and hide in shame. The one thing that I have learned in the last two or three years making this film is that Kirstie should not be embarrassed or ashamed as she did not fail at dieting. The dieting failed her.

It just tears me apart emotionally that we all blame ourselves and try and hide away as if we are social outcasts.

There are deeper problems that I can’t wait to share with you in our film but I promise you all that it is not any of your faults so please learn to try to give yourself some slack.

It is going to take some time and there is no quick fix. It is possible though. So Kirstie, please come back in the public eye and be proud. I would much rather see you work on yourself for awhile then just drop fifty pounds in a month for Jenny.