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My Body Hates Me…

Right now, I am in the middle of trying to fight a flu bug. Being obese and having diabetes make it feel like it will take forever to get through it.

My doctors told me if I lose weight, I will get sick less often. There are other people out there that think that obesity doesn’t cause health problems.

Interesting: when I weighed 160 pounds, I had almost no medication to take and I was less vulnerable to seasonal flues. Right now, I weigh 344 pounds and I feel like hell. When I weighed 450 pounds, I felt even worse.

I am starting to think that these people might be either highly mistaken or in denial. Ironically, some days I want them to be right so that I feel better about myself. They talk about loving your body the way it is, the truth is my body hates me right now and I am not so fond of it either.

I truly believe that you should accept your body the way it is, but loving it means respecting it and how can I love my body if I don’t respect it? How can I accept myself when my body doesn’t reflect who I really am?

I need to eat right and exercise, then my body will get back on the right path.