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White House Doctor Fears Governor Christie Will Die In Office

White House Doctor Feels Chris Christie Would Die In Office


Connie Marino, former White House M.D. and want to be television personality feels that Governor Chris Christie could die in office. Especially if he was to one day become president. So how could he be deemed fit to run the state of New Jersey. It is widely perceived by some that anyone who was obese in this country should never be allowed to hold a position of any importance. They are not only a physical threat but also less intelligent and not equal in any way. Yet millions of Americans do so every day. 

From doctors to lawyers to the people flying your planes… People hold these positions of importance and power and nothing seems to go wrong. 

Politics aside, this is a issue of common sense and dignity. One that a certain doctor is trying to strip away from Governor Christie for her own publicity.

Heavy people for years have been looked at with false stigmas. They are never been held in the same regards as their counter parts.

There are very few state laws that protect the obese from being discriminated against or even terminated in the work place.

In Texas, one hospital will not hire people they consider to be overweight. According to their rules, if a five foot ten inch man who weighs 245 pounds wants employment, no job is offered. That is not that big for a man that tall. If a five foot two inch woman weighs over 195 pounds, she is history as well.

Only one state and six cities will protect the obese from discrimination in the work place.

Ironically, New Jersey is not one of them. 

Yet this Governor is beloved by not only most of his state but much of this country. So much so that he is now considered a very big 2016 contender for the White House. 

So Chris Christie goes to show that the protections are needed for the obese.

Especially if he is to be rewarded the same protections he well deserves.

If there was anyone that I would want to represent the overweight population of this great country, it is Governor Christie. A family man who tries his best and has just as much intelligence as anyone else. This man is just part of a group of overweight Americans who now make up the majority.

I know plenty of thin people who suffer from illnesses every day and may be in the same risk group in similar ways. 

Is Governor Christie in need of losing weight? Certainly… Just as the majority of Americans need to do so. Though this has to be his decision and in no way impacts his job  performance in New Jersey or the White House. Take a look at former Governor and one time presidential presidential candidate Mike Huckabee.

He took off a great amount of weight and helped lead his state on to the road to battling obesity with several new initiatives. Years later he put back on some of the weight but it made him no less healthy or fit to run a state or even the country.

So the next time a doctor or someone of importance tries to make you feel inferior or at risk, ask them to take a physical themselves.

After all, these people may be in a position of great importance in you life and should show you the same respect.


Honk if You’re Fat

Today was one of the most tiring production days I had in a little while. It was also very challenging. Around 4pm, we walked towards a busy road and finally shot the « Honk if you’re fat » segment.

I actually had been rescheduling this shoot for months. Why? Because for this segment, I had to stand on the side of a main road holding a sign reading « Honk if you’re fat », without knowing at all how people would react.

What if they shouted mean things to me or didn’t even honk at all for that matter? That would either hurt my feelings or be a waste of time.

The shoot turned out to be a success. About a third of the cars honked. Most people were very kind and had a great time. Nobody judged me, everyone had a laugh. Even people that didn’t honk were respectful and no insult flew my way.

I was nervous and embarrassed at first, and then I started enjoying it. I wondered if having weight issues was some sort of taboo. I guess for people that honked, it wasn’t. Most of them waved proudly. Somehow I felt like I wasn’t alone anymore.

Would you have honked?


Am I Too Fat To Be Loved?

Today, I finally decided to join the online dating world. I say “finally” because I have been thinking about it for a while but never had the courage to sign up for it. I always thought people wouldn’t want to date me because I am fat.

Actually, even when I lost a lot of weight, I still didn’t date. I always had tons of excuses/reasons not to: Fear not to be liked, cost, work schedule, low self esteem etc… A few hours ago, I found the strength to get out there and start meeting people online.

I hope I can find someone who loves me for who I am without judging me by the cover. The world has so much to offer and I would like to share it with somebody. I am still worried about being rejected. Sometimes, I can hear my parents’ voices from my childhood telling me “Nobody will want to date you if you’re fat”, it doesn’t help my insecurity.

Funny how I chose the film industry as a career: one of the toughest and most judgmental fields out there. I guess it’s because I am more comfortable and self-confident acting than being myself. When I act and produce, I have a wall to protect myself and I feel more alive.

However, since I am judging myself by the cover, how can I expect other people not to? I wonder how many ‘thin’ people out there would want to date somebody like me…