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Mandatory Weight Loss Surgery

They keep lowering the requirements for weight loss surgery. Amazingly, you don’t have to be that heavy to have it done.

People of all ages are going under the knife and it’s hitting the younger demographic by the day. Perhaps this will be the new fad like plastic surgery was in the nineties.

With the high cost of insurance and health care, maybe we should make it mandatory for everyone.

Though I have to ask myself at what cost.

There are certainly significant risks with the surgery, but this one seems to present a number of complications that can arise after the procedure.

I agree that there are a number of extremely obese people that might benefit from weight loss surgery, but I must ask…for how long?

Statistics are popping up that show a good number of people are stretching their stomachs and gaining it back.

So the success rate would really be considered not that great.

When used as a solution for teens, I fear that pre-teens and perhaps even toddlers will be put through it one day, especially if they have obesity running rampant in their family.

That is one thing that frustrates me the most; no one is trying to teach us to make better eating choices. We resort to a quick change to our slowly achieved failure.

On top of that, we keep filling the aisles with the worst food choices but best marketing commercials. I mean, when is the last time you saw cartoon characters dancing around an apple and celebrating? It really has to come down to decisions. Not just on what to eat buy why.

I found myself recognizing many times this week when I was going to eat out of emotion and habit. With the right efforts, I hope to see weight loss surgery as a thing of the past.

We are coming farther every day but everyone wants the quick fix. I hope I can show an unbiased look at all these issues in my movie, but I will not lie or change the facts as to what has happened to my own family and others.

My advice, try a weight group that can support you as you cannot do it on your own. There are plenty of good ones out there like O.A. and Weight Watchers. The decision is yours but just keep in mind that you still have to eat.

So hopefully in the future, the insurance companies will start paying to teach good eating habits and save a whole lot more money, and more importantly, our lives.

I would also like to dedicate this article to my Uncle Howard who died after weight loss surgery years ago.


Evenings of Self-Destruction

Every time I have a great day diet-wise, I make it till about 6 or 7PM and it all falls apart. There’s always that one food you shouldn’t have because you are so hungry and then another food that would normally be safe if proportioned correctly. Nightfall becomes decision time. And I’m making the wrong choices.

I know there are so many diets out there through so many people I have met on my journey making the film. Everything from cognitive behavioral approach and intense workout regimens to strong food choices and living a carb-free lifestyle…these choices alone are overwhelming.

I am not saying at this point which is the right or wrong lifestyle choice because I feel it is personal and I am still on this battle.


all, if I had a cure I would be out there marketing it like the rest of them… but I don’t and I am not.

I think the one way this film and this country are gong to be able to help each other is through communication and to stop judging each other so harshly. Why must one be looked at without compassion? Who is to judge stupidity or point their finger as to whom to blame for their problems?

I have heard both sides from NAFFA, People of Size and also MeMe Roth. Each side bring


s great information to the table and I truly believe that in the end, strive to make ends meet. Everyone wants the same positive result.

It is just the way they get there that is questionable.

What I would like to do is reach out to everyone one last time to get your input and help in direction for this film as we cut it together right now. You certainly can’t put blame on something if you gave no input at all.