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The U.S Army Wants Your Candy?

Halloween came and went yesterday with more of a trick than a treat. As I waited for the children to come knocking on my door with fresh vegetables and candies, no one ever came. It was my first Halloween without ANY trick-or-treaters. At first I was thrilled that maybe this year would be different and kids were making better choices.

Then in the early morning hours today, I walked over to my local CVS to take a look at what candies they had on sale. I wanted to  see what was left. Much to my surprise, all the candies had been sold out. Apparently the kids are still getting their treats.

After my trip to CVS, I was stunned to hear that the National Group of Dentists was offering to buy back uneaten candies for a dollar a pound to be sent to our troops overseas. It just seems a bit hypocritical that these dentists want to protect our kids from candy, yet it’s OK to send them to our troops.

I find myself confused, unhealthy for kids but healthy for our troops?