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The Day After…

During this Thanksgiving holiday, I have fallen right back into my bad habits. I think I might have gained 10 pounds but I don’t know for sure and I won’t dare to step on the scale. I thought it might happen, but what worries me the most is I don’t know why.

Yesterday, I ate all the possible food I had banned myself from. That was a mistake. I should have never prevented myself from eating what I like in the first place. My second mistake was to keep the same logic I had when I was thinner of “oh it is only a mistake if I fail to correct it.”

I can now hear a little voice in my head saying, “ Guess what Barry? It is a mistake even if you correct it, so acknowledge it and do something about it.” True, you don’t want to get off one wagon and think you’ll catch the next one; you gotta stay on this one no matter how hard it is.

I want to investigate why this happened to me and what I can do to prevent this from happening again. Giving in to all my favorite desserts as if it was the last day on earth definitely proves that there is something wrong with my new diet.

I think it will take me some time to understand everything I am going through right now.  My latest venture is into the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy approach by authors like Judith Beck whom I interviewed a year ago. I will write about it in my upcoming blogs.

Happy black Friday to all and try not to burn a hole in your wallet!