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Where’s That Dietary Magic Bullet?

What makes one diet so much better then another? Most of the diets I see and hear about will promise dramatic weight loss with immediate results. From dietary supplements and protein milkshakes to even spotting a magical sleeping pill that will make shred off pounds while in an unconscious state…no effort on my part necessary.

I have been looking for that quick fix and magic dietary bullet for years. Each one claims to work the best. Each one claims to have the ultimate solution to all of your weight problems. And especially in our fast-paced society, each one promises immediate results.

Today I received an email from Weight Watchers informing me that they have introduced their new “Points Plus Diet” that will make it even easier to lose weight. They even advertise that I don’t have to count points for fruit and most vegetables anymore.

I am curious as to why… what have they figured out within this “Points Plus Diet” to allow me to eat a plethora of fruits and vegetables. Furthermore, most of these programs put very little into their maintenance plan so I can keep the weight off.

To give credit though- where it is due- they will let me continue to buy their products and still pay for meetings.

So where is this magical dietary bullet that once the trigger of its healthy gun is pulled, my weight will live happy ever after?

I am hoping to find my own magic through finishing the production on this documentary.

Stay Tuned…