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Are we to blame for our weight gain?

This is a guest post by Chris Steurer

It is so easy to take your finger and point it at someone or something else as the cause of our weight problem here in America. We could easily blame all the fast food restaurants that sit on every corner, the internet for allowing us to not have to physically be everywhere, or the fact that every check out counter is loaded with candy bars that we can’t resist as a last minute purchase.

Keyboard with a special blame key

Blame someone else, its as easy as pressing a button.

Just because we can blame almost anything for our weight problems, doesn’t make us right. We need to realize that the most responsible party for our weight control is not the fast food restaurants, the advertising, or anything else of that sort, but rather, it is ourselves that need to be held responsible.

Sure it might not be entirely your fault that you are the way you are, but you are the one who is ultimately responsible for making any changes for yourself. Your mother and father may have raised you to have poor diet and exercising habits, but as an adult, it is your responsibility to acknowledge and change those habits if you desire.

Stop placing the blame on others, and realize that if you have the time to complain about something, you probably have the time to make a change.

I Blame Obesity

Obesity…it’s not personal; it is a disease. For every new Oreo cookie on the market, there is a new weight loss diet or food, proving the disease is falsely medicated.

Shouldn’t that put the odds at a even keel?

It doesn’t appear to be working; but it’s not our faults, right?

When I was growing up, my mother taught my family that it was always someone else’s fault.

If it was bad weather, blame the weatherman. If they came out with a delicious new food, blame the food company.

There was always a way to find solace in blaming others.

Now that I am older and spent the last three years surrounded by every weight loss and health guru around, I have changed my position.

I find that if I stop taking the time to blame others for what has happened, I have at least the fighting chance to change things.

It’s a frighting thought for some, since it is so much easier to blame others whether they are right or wrong.

After being in a terrible truck accident, I spent three years in unbearable pain and blaming the truck for it..

While of course in some ways this is true, what I did with the situation was the most important. I needed to be proactive to help myself. I needed to take control.

I would have to deal with the pain for the rest of my life. There would certainly be different ways I could take to try and lesson the pain but it will always be there.

Normally, I would eat food to comfort me and just complain about what happened. I ate the candy because the truck accident aftermath MADE me…

Now I refuse to not take responsibility for my choices of how I react to my pain. I finally realize that I am the only one who can take proper action to stop the damage. I need to be proactive to help myself.

I have to make the first step towards helping myself. I don’t want anyone else to blame. Sure it isn’t personal, it’s a disease… but I can stop being the victim.

I know it is scary, but there is hope out there.


Making My Way Back From Diet Despair

I had been battling a flu bug for a month now that has finally given out and allowed me to be feel well again. Not much energy though.

The problem is that the weight I may have gained from not exercising and giving into those food temptations really made me feel like a failure.

It is so very hard not to blame yourself when you get sick and make certain wrong food decisions.

Trying to get it back together has not been a quick fix for me. I should know better after all the traveling and fantastic experts that have been in the film preaching the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

There is no magic bullet or quick fix for taking off weight. It is effort and exercise that will bring me back little by little.

After all, a little bit adds to a lot after a while.

So I am going to learn to stop blaming myself and instead concentrate on the positive. I find that it is only a mistake if you fail to correct it.

Corn Sugar = The Devil?

I understand the theory that corn sugar –referred as high fructose corn syrup to many- could in fact be considered “The Devil” when it comes to our intake.

The problem with that theory is that chemically, the differences are not that significant to make me care. Corn Syrup is in almost everything we eat and there are still thin people walking the earth.

Is there some secret evil conspiracy among the thin?  Or, is it the idea of moderation coming into play here?

I used to love to single out and blame one type of food or ingredient for my being overweight; but I have come to realize that it is a culmination of many factors that make me in fact, fat.

On the days that I overeat with sugary foods, I gain weight. Yet on the days when I eat lower amounts of sugary based foods, I lose weight.

Perhaps we need to blame the environment or the commercial advertising that is aimed at our children or my adult-self. One could even start to blame vegetables and fruits if they consume a much higher amount then the norm.

If moderation and exercise leads to a calorie deficit and significant weight loss, then how can it be the fault of corn sugar? We point our finger to fault anything or anybody for our dietary choices and inevitably our faults.

So maybe if we all just try to work with what we have and stop looking for that one item to “blame”, we could then take responsibility for ourselves and begin to win the battle of the bulge.