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Seekers Looking For Weight Loss Doomed To Put Back Pounds On Forever

Help and Hope

I have been trying to lose weight for years. Up and down hundreds of pounds. There have been many tries and never any long term success.

At first, the thrill is like no other and I am everyones hero.

Then the weight starts to creep back on along with all the excuses that come with it.  I begin the ritual of self blame and feelings of no self worth.

I have been though this a dozen times. Up and down hundreds of pounds but who’s counting.

Now it’s January and a new year. The typical big business season for diet and weight loss groups. and products. There is always the new diet we have been waiting for or the different variation on whats already out. All offering that great new approach to take those unwanted pounds off.

I am just curious as to what happened to last years new and improved plans.

Yet even with the all these great new introductions, the only loss that I maintain is from my wallet.

There is no medical cure known to date and the country is getting heavier ever day. In fact, it is spreading to other nations faster then any war in history.

So is it my fault? Am I just weak and worthless. Where is that cure I was promised. These weight loss companies are supposedly there to help me. I know that I visit them all many times. Yet each costing me more and more.  It’s like that bad friend or relative that you know is going to have their hand out each time you see them.  Almost every person struggling with taking off the pounds usually returns to those same companies year after year. With record profits and a unbelievable number of newly minted obese, what is going on.

Could obesity be the great new business. The one in which long term weight loss equals a massive business failure.

Take a look at the owner of the famous ‘Heart Attack Grill’ restaurant in Las Vegas. He actually used to own part of a weight loss franchise. He is not a bad guy but woke up one morning and made a very different decision in his approach to the battle of the bulge.

While shooting ‘Finding Thin’, I was lucky enough to have met him and and many other fine scholars and celebrities. I was hoping they would have the answers and I did find some. Many in places you would not expect.

So if spending thousands on weight loss, there must be a group of people out there not seeking profits. It can’t only about be about the books, games shows, and weight loss products?

There is still hope out there. I just no longer agree to pay for it. There is a way to perceiver.

I know we all can.

So I suggest the goal for this year should be to profit on our own weight loss and successes whatever they may be.

Lets take off those pounds in a way that makes sense and does not take us for anymore money.

Surely there must be weight loss methods that don’t cost a fortune. If it doesn’t cost much to gain weight, then there must be a way to take take it off for just as little.


New Diet Pills: Our Friend or Enemy?

Well here we go again. It’s been a decade or so since the last medical fiasco with diet pills. One went off the market and one is still around. Yet people in our country are getting heavier with each passing second. I should know.  I’m one of those people.

Now comes the FDA’s probable approval of another new diet pill. This new one is a mix of two older drugs put together to give you a nice kick-start. Yet what happens after the first few months? Will all my temptations be gone? Will they stop all those yummy looking food commercials and take away all the cookies and ice cream from the end of the store isles?  The answer is, no way! So then what is going to be different this time?

If I am no longer hungry, will I never want another pizza or piece of cake for dessert?  Will I stop eating out of emotion or stalking the kitchen at night? I really don’t see any indications that this is going to help me think any differently. Just because you tie my mouth closed, staple my stomach, or make me very feel ill if I eat too much, does not mean that I will start feeling differently towards those foods. Its almost as bad as sending someone for aversion therapy. It has never been shown to be effective and it is just cruel torture. Our country has to stop looking at ways to control our hunger and instead control the much bigger problem. Obesity is crawling up the front lawns of almost half our country.

Think about all your friends and family. Is there anyone in that group who could stand to lose some weight?  Is it more then one person?  It’s time to find a cure. So I encourage anyone considering diet pills to think long term about how you will feel if it does not work out. All of the money you will have spent and the many side effects to probably experience for nothing, just makes me wonder if it’s even worth going through.

Lets not rely on a magical cure and instead stick together to help each other. That’s where hope begins and the cure starts to arise.


Guest Blog by December’s #1 Fan of “Finding Thin”, Joanne Greene

ImageJoanne has been gracious enough to share her successful weight loss story.  Thank you so much Joanne!  We are very proud of you and appreciative of your efforts in becoming our #1 Fan!

Because Joanne was such a great fan, and because we’re so proud of her, she has won two tickets to the Red Carpet Premiere of “Finding Thin” in Los Angeles!  If you want to be the #1 fan of January and win two tickets as well join the Fanzy app on the left hand side of the “Finding Thin” fanpage to compete.  Though Joanne has set the bar pretty high 😉

“Joanne’s Personal Weight Loss Story”

By Joanne Greene

I was not overweight as a child.  I ate normal size portions of food, ran around playing tag, rode bikes, played hopscotch, and other active things girls did in the 60’s and 70’s. We didn’t eat at restaurants all that often, mostly if it was someone’s birthday or on vacation.  My favorite foods were sugary cereals and dessert, but my mom made sure I didn’t get an unlimited amount and they were balanced with healthy food.

When I got married at age 20, we moved 3000 miles from home and our families to Los Angeles, California. My husband and I both worked full time and would often stop and grab a burger, fries, and a shake for dinner. When we went to the movies we’d always get the jumbo popcorn with butter and the supersized soda.  This marked the beginning of our slow and steady weight gain.

During my pregnancy, I took the phrase “eating for two” literally. My sweet tooth was out of control and I became a “junk food junkie”.  I gained 42 pounds, waddled into the hospital at 202 pounds, and had a 9 lb. 6oz, 23-inch baby. I lost a little bit after the baby was born, but the weight crept back on. Before long I had gained over 100 pounds since my high school graduation weight and so had my husband!  Ugh!

Over the years I’ve tried various diets, including Medifast, Overeaters Anonymous, Weight Watchers, 3D, Cabbage Soup, and other such diets printed in women’s magazines.  The last diet I tried was in 1993.  I was so tired of going up and down the scale like a yo-yo.  I wanted to stay where I was and not gain anymore. Unfortunately that proved harder than I expected.  The highest I ever weighed was 267, but I was at around 255 for about 15 years.

In 2010, my husband and I knew we didn’t want to risk a barrage of health problems going into old age at this weight.  We started educating ourselves a bit about healthy eating, exercise, and psyching ourselves up for “THE BIG DIET”. We started looking at food labels, reading diet books, and visiting some “get healthy” websites. Our 50th birthdays were approaching and we wanted to give it one last try, to get at least some of this excess weight off.  Knowing that anything was better than being stuck at 250+ lbs.

I’d always been a great admirer of Richard Simmons and saw that he had a website, http://www.RichardSimmons.com.  He’s dedicated his life to helping people learn how to get healthy, so I figured he knows what he’s talking about. I started reading his Daily Message and the Success Stories section on his site and they were very inspiring. Over the years I’d gathered a collection of his workout videos (though some were still in shrink-wrap) and decided to pull one out and try it in my living room. After about 20 minutes I stopped because I am easily distracted, was out of breathe, and my dogs were looking at me funny. I read on Richard’s site that he taught classes three times a week, and I’d always wanted to meet him in person, so I decided to drive the hour to his studio and take a class.

If anyone had told me this work out would be fun and show results, I would have told them they were crazy!  But the combination of Richard Simmons’s smiling face in the front of the class, the peppy music, fun dance moves, and the results have all added up to a fun and affective weight loss routine.  There is a wonderful group of people from ages 19 to 90 who attend and I’ve made some great friendships. It’s great to surround yourself with a community of kind and caring people who are on the same journey as you. Several of my new friends have lost between 70 and 170 pounds!  The class is inspiring and shows me that big weight loss IS possible.  Two of my new friends have blogs that I read often and they share their own weight loss journey, healthy eating tips, and their ups and downs along the way.  www.KeepItUpDavid.com and www.Heidi-Finishing-The-Hat.blogspot.com.

For so many years, I thought I was being kind to myself by eating whatever I wanted and not engaging myself with exercise. But I found out that true kindness is taking care of myself, and sticking with a food and exercise plan that allows me to be the best me I can be.

Most of the diet advice says to “Eat Less”, “Move More” and that is the only thing that works.  But I think another, possibly more important, key to success is to “Change The Way You Think”.  Don’t think of this as something you do until “X” amount of pounds come off. It has to be a new way of eating, exercising and thinking for life. You are not depriving yourself by doing these things, you are giving yourself a gift and setting yourself up for success.  Educate yourself about food ingredients, what your body needs to be healthy, and what fun exercises you can choose. For me, I’ve found my favorites to be doing aerobics classes at Slimmons, the elliptical, water aerobics, recumbent bike, wii fit games, and walking. When I first started I could barely walk a mile.  Now most of my walks are 3 miles.

Break up your large weight loss goal into smaller more manageable goals and set up rewards for yourself. I’m not going to lose those 100 pounds in 100 days! For me, I decided I would shoot for 10 pounds the first month and 5 pounds each month after that and I’ve been sticking to it all year.  A goal I had for Christmas, the gift I wanted to give to myself, was to be under 200 and Ho, Ho, Ho, I did it! First time since the late 80’s that I’ve been on the 100’s side of the scale!  Some of the things that have helped me towards my goal are switching my diet to mostly whole grains, vegetables, and fruit while eating much less processed foods. The “junk food junkie” comes out every once in awhile and I still have pizza, ice cream, chips and candy, but I eat a more reasonable amount, far less often.  I’ve decided I will not drink soda or eat at fast food restaurants.  I got an iPod and loaded it with lots of great, upbeat music to listen to during my workouts.  I have a notebook where I log in my exercise and weigh-ins. I load the dates into the notebook ahead of time, made the plan to work out 6 days a week and really hate to draw a line thru any days where I skipped exercising, so I don’t do it often. Weigh-ins are posted once a week, but I do weigh myself every day.

The weight loss journey is not a fast, straight, or down-hill course.  It’s more like a zig-zag.  If you put in a good effort you will achieve good results.  Not every day or week is going to be smooth sailing.  If you get off course, deal with it and than get right back on it and keep going towards your goal.  Since last February I have lost 62 pounds, my husband has lost 47.  We still have a ways to go, but I am confident we will reach our goals.  If we can do it so can you!

Thanks for reading and good luck on your weight loss journey.  Don’t forget it can be fun too 🙂


When Emotional Eating Changes Form

Since I moved out to L.A. to finish the film and start a new life, I have found it a bit stressful.  You are hit with so many things at once. New friends you need to make. So much stuff to buy and learn about.  I began to wonder if I could take this personally or professionally.

Luckily, I am very good at what I do and will let nothing deter me from my true mission of making this film.

Fortunately during this trying time I have not turned to food for comfort.  This new dieting strategy has brought about major weight loss and resulted in a much better state of personal health.

I was very happy with this result.   Made me wonder if I had finally beaten those demons that had been pestering me my whole life?  Well the answer actually is yes and no.

Even though I had put away my anger and emotions towards past issues in my life, there were still stressors.  With emotional eating gone, I really had no way to deal with them now.

Suddenly though, I found myself in a very new situation.  I was actually not hungry anymore.  I wasn’t even eating during most of the day. There were times that I would eat less than a thousand calories a day.

I have always known emotional eating is about using food as a tool to deal with your emotions. What I did not realize is that by not eating when I am stressed or emotional, this was also using food as a tool.

Emotional eating could be both the consumption and lack of consumption of food.

I was blown away. There were truly two sides to this coin.

Well, as with everything in life and especially this documentary… I have more to learn and more to share.

If anyone else has gone down this road, I would really like to hear your stories or thoughts. So feel free to post in the comments section, facebook.com/findingthin, or anywhere I can read/watch it!

Sharing is the best part of getting through this and helping others.

I will report back more often now that I am settled out here in California.

Thank you for reading.


How To Start Exercising Again After Weight Gain

How To Start Exercising Again After Putting On Weight

I used to be able to walk two miles in under thirty minutes. This was when I weighed about two hundred pounds.
Now of course I am quite a bit heavier and have not walked any significant distance in over four years. Most of it was spent in a car traveling the country shooting the documentary ‘Finding Thin’. Probably would have been good to get out and do some activity somewhere.
Now when I go out for a walk, I can go a couple blocks but then give out with heavy breathing. If going up hill, I am really in trouble.
There must be a way to make it back.
The weight has finally started to come off over the last few months but as I know so well, there is a major component missing. I have got to get out there and walk.
I think back to the days when I was well over four hundred pounds and just started two houses at a time. I then built up house by house until I was really down in weight and kicking butt.
This time around though, I am out here in the hills of L.A. and that does make it more interesting and a heck of a lot tougher. Though when I get to the easier parts I get to walk past Warner Brothers and I love their studio lot.
Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to walk for weight loss as much as just the endorphin rush feeling better.
It is just a struggle to do that I am wondering if there are other exercises that I should to until more of the weight comes off first.
Every pound down makes it even easier to walk up.
I am sure that others of you heavy and thin have gone through this. It is so discouraging at times to be starting over but I am the most stubborn person who will not give up. The word no does not exist in my vocabulary. I like to find a way around walls.
So if any of you have been through this and have any suggestions, I really could use the help.

Eating Less Can Cause Weight Gain

When Eating Less Causes Weight Gain

Ever since the last month, I have found my self not eating emotionally anymore. This was one of my biggest problems and I was so glad to get past it. A wish come true. Yet with ever road I pass, there is always a speed bump or two. The latest one came to me while working ten hour days cutting ‘Finding Thin’ and taking meetings. I discovered I was eating far less then I should be. There was just so much to do that I was neglecting to eat enough. It was slowing down my metabolism and causing me to tire easily and for my weight loss to slow. Who would have though that would be even be possible? I would have dreamed for a problem like that. Well… maybe not.
When growing up I was always thought that less was more. If you went lower on the calories, you would lose more weight. That is so not the case. It really is a game of balance. Not too much and not too little. Finding that sense of balance is not easy by any way but imaginable. Yet it is actually enjoyable since I get to eat more of the foods that I enjoy and do now feel stronger. This was one of the things that I liked about the new Weight Watchers program. It did not deprive me. It made it much easer then counting calories and made sense to me.
As a former dieter, I knew how to skip on the calories but that was not the answer.
Now with diabetes. it makes it even the more a bit more difficult sometimes in choices but nowhere near impossible. I am already finding that the diabetes is going down which means I can stay off the insulin. This of course thrills me. After all, who likes sticking themselves with needles. Though there are millions that are forced to every day and I pray we can beat this dreaded disease one day. I am so fortunate enough to be able to now control this through different eating substitutions. You notice I don’t say diet much since I hate the word.
There are some people out there that have ways they recommend to trick your body but that just seems wrong. My body has gone through enough and deserves to be treated better.
So as I make it past emotional eating, I just have to remind myself to eat enough and at the right times during the day.
The next obstacle is learning to start walking again without wanting to fall over.
I would love to hear from anyone who face those same challenges that I do.

The Weight Loss Journey Comes To A Close, A New Chapter Begins

The Weight Loss Journey Comes To A Close A New Chapter Begins

I have traveled over half the country in search of losing weight. Had the chance to meet over three hundred experts and celebrities during shooting the upcoming film ‘Finding Thin’. I started at one weight and ended up gaining more while trying some of the new diets that might have that magic bullet. This was not what was supposed to happen. Yet my mission was to set out to save the world. That was until I found out that I needed to save myself first, then I could figure out the rest. The funny thing is that it took until that last few miles when I moved out to L.A. to really have it kick in. This was my last destination on the journey and a place that I was to call home.
The last year had many changes in my life. I had lost two of my beloved pets, a very close friend who turned out to be a wolf in a sheep cloths and most importantly… myself.
Then it began to change. I suddenly began to find myself. No longer did I find the need for emotional eating. Of course that brought many challenges. Yet I never stopped and was able to continue on and grow the movie to the finest state it has ever been in as well as myself personally.
We have some of the finest names and I don’t know where to begin thanking people.
Do I start with Jillian Michaels who really opened the door for us and showed me that we don’t always have to be victims. Or was it Dr. Michael Roizen over at The ‘Cleveland Clinic’ who showed me that I don’t need to feel so old and can reverse the process. He also introduced me to the mighty ‘Health Corps’ created by the efforts of Dr. Oz and ran by the lovely Michelle Bouchard. Then of course there was Bob Harper of ‘The Biggest Loser’ who was so real and made me laugh so hard. Then there was Tony Horton of ‘P90X’, not only the strongest guy for his young age but I am not sure he ever takes a breath. He is that good.. Then I begin to think of David Wallace of ‘Weight Watchers’ who helped get me back on track’. Of course I cant forget the king of comedy George Wallace or the wit and heart of actress Carlease Burke. There are just so many great people that have changed my life and contributed to making this movie that that much more. I have enough material to make three films. There are just so many names to thank. I just hope they help to bring the change and hope to your life as they have to mine. This has been the greatest honer and chance that I could have ever been given. Far from what I ever had hoped for. Beating my wildest dreams.
As I settle in now for the final phase of the movie and make my new home in L.A., I will be writing more frequently. Not to push the film, which I hope you will see, but to be there for you with new thoughts and stories form the battles lines each and every day. Have hope for this is a journey we take together.

Be Well

Barry Roskin Blake
Finding Thin