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First, weight loss surgery was for morbidly obese adults.

Next, the strict rules bended in order to accommodate those struggling with a moderate amount of weight to take off.

Now, we witness the first-ever, pre-pubescent teenager at age twelve having weight loss surgery.

Most experts agree that childhood obesity is genetic and such children carry a high probability of becoming obese just like their parents and carrying on unhealthy lifestyles.

So why not cut the “obese middle-man” out and have the little ones go straight to surgery? Perhaps at the ages of three or four. They wouldn’t really notice all of the pain and side effects that come with the procedure…


But with this “kidobesity surgery”, wouldn’t their future unhealthy lifestyles still be inevitable? Let alone the years of physical and psychological damage the toddlers would do to their body and minds before they were completely developed.

As an adult, having weight loss surgery seems scary and a very chancy procedure.

If I had weight loss surgery done when I was too young to remember, I think I would have grown up without a choice to live by a different set of rules. A healthier set of rules. Rules that may not have helped aid me to become obese.

Maybe I am wrong. Or maybe this “kidobesity surgery” will soon be on the market.

I would love for some of you to honestly weigh in with your opinions on this “kidobesity surgery”.