Seekers Looking For Weight Loss Doomed To Put Back Pounds On Forever

Help and Hope

I have been trying to lose weight for years. Up and down hundreds of pounds. There have been many tries and never any long term success.

At first, the thrill is like no other and I am everyones hero.

Then the weight starts to creep back on along with all the excuses that come with it.  I begin the ritual of self blame and feelings of no self worth.

I have been though this a dozen times. Up and down hundreds of pounds but who’s counting.

Now it’s January and a new year. The typical big business season for diet and weight loss groups. and products. There is always the new diet we have been waiting for or the different variation on whats already out. All offering that great new approach to take those unwanted pounds off.

I am just curious as to what happened to last years new and improved plans.

Yet even with the all these great new introductions, the only loss that I maintain is from my wallet.

There is no medical cure known to date and the country is getting heavier ever day. In fact, it is spreading to other nations faster then any war in history.

So is it my fault? Am I just weak and worthless. Where is that cure I was promised. These weight loss companies are supposedly there to help me. I know that I visit them all many times. Yet each costing me more and more.  It’s like that bad friend or relative that you know is going to have their hand out each time you see them.  Almost every person struggling with taking off the pounds usually returns to those same companies year after year. With record profits and a unbelievable number of newly minted obese, what is going on.

Could obesity be the great new business. The one in which long term weight loss equals a massive business failure.

Take a look at the owner of the famous ‘Heart Attack Grill’ restaurant in Las Vegas. He actually used to own part of a weight loss franchise. He is not a bad guy but woke up one morning and made a very different decision in his approach to the battle of the bulge.

While shooting ‘Finding Thin’, I was lucky enough to have met him and and many other fine scholars and celebrities. I was hoping they would have the answers and I did find some. Many in places you would not expect.

So if spending thousands on weight loss, there must be a group of people out there not seeking profits. It can’t only about be about the books, games shows, and weight loss products?

There is still hope out there. I just no longer agree to pay for it. There is a way to perceiver.

I know we all can.

So I suggest the goal for this year should be to profit on our own weight loss and successes whatever they may be.

Lets take off those pounds in a way that makes sense and does not take us for anymore money.

Surely there must be weight loss methods that don’t cost a fortune. If it doesn’t cost much to gain weight, then there must be a way to take take it off for just as little.


The End of Weight Loss And Diet As We Know It

By Barry Roskin Blake

With the frightening statistics just announced that we are only just a little bit away from the majority of the country being overweight and over forty percent obese, it seems like the end is near.

Just a decade ago we really started to wake up and push films and initiatives in school and at home to change things. Michelle Obama even started that garden in her back yard in Washington. So what the heck happened? Is it some sort of conspiracy, a way to make more jobs or just plain bad luck? I mean there has to be somebody to blame doesn’t there? In every good story you have the hero and his nemesis. Yet people are dying every day. I just lost my youngest cousin who was a year younger then me at age forty or so. She had become very large, had a diabetic stroke and died a day later.

Is this the future that we all have to look forward too? This disease has taken the majority of the family I love. Most of my friends who are overweight suffer from illnesses that are all either caused or contributed to by obesity. There are resources out there and that do present hope. I just think we are letting time pass us by and not getting down to the root of why we are all having this happen to us.  The thing I am tired of is hearing everyday is that someone who has taken off two hundred pounds in six months and has the answer. I hate to say it, but you’re part of the problem. Chances are in another year or less you will have put the weight back on and more. It is not that I am jealous, it is the sad fact that 98 percent of people who go on these type of diets will fail. Those are undeniable facts.

We as a people have to look at the situation very differently.  Our responsibility has to be to our own health first. Then we can focus on the ones we love or who will look out after them. It is time for a change and I am not sure that there is one particular answer. Yet, if we do not try, just imagine what the next twenty years can bring back. Maybe a]we’re heading back to a time when the average lifespan was fifty. We are a great body of people and together, I’m sure we can find our way.  It may be time to stop depending on the experts alone and start depending on each other.  I welcome everyone’s thought and feedback at such a crucial time.

Thanks for checking in,


New Diet Pills: Our Friend or Enemy?

Well here we go again. It’s been a decade or so since the last medical fiasco with diet pills. One went off the market and one is still around. Yet people in our country are getting heavier with each passing second. I should know.  I’m one of those people.

Now comes the FDA’s probable approval of another new diet pill. This new one is a mix of two older drugs put together to give you a nice kick-start. Yet what happens after the first few months? Will all my temptations be gone? Will they stop all those yummy looking food commercials and take away all the cookies and ice cream from the end of the store isles?  The answer is, no way! So then what is going to be different this time?

If I am no longer hungry, will I never want another pizza or piece of cake for dessert?  Will I stop eating out of emotion or stalking the kitchen at night? I really don’t see any indications that this is going to help me think any differently. Just because you tie my mouth closed, staple my stomach, or make me very feel ill if I eat too much, does not mean that I will start feeling differently towards those foods. Its almost as bad as sending someone for aversion therapy. It has never been shown to be effective and it is just cruel torture. Our country has to stop looking at ways to control our hunger and instead control the much bigger problem. Obesity is crawling up the front lawns of almost half our country.

Think about all your friends and family. Is there anyone in that group who could stand to lose some weight?  Is it more then one person?  It’s time to find a cure. So I encourage anyone considering diet pills to think long term about how you will feel if it does not work out. All of the money you will have spent and the many side effects to probably experience for nothing, just makes me wonder if it’s even worth going through.

Lets not rely on a magical cure and instead stick together to help each other. That’s where hope begins and the cure starts to arise.


Guest Blog by December’s #1 Fan of “Finding Thin”, Joanne Greene

ImageJoanne has been gracious enough to share her successful weight loss story.  Thank you so much Joanne!  We are very proud of you and appreciative of your efforts in becoming our #1 Fan!

Because Joanne was such a great fan, and because we’re so proud of her, she has won two tickets to the Red Carpet Premiere of “Finding Thin” in Los Angeles!  If you want to be the #1 fan of January and win two tickets as well join the Fanzy app on the left hand side of the “Finding Thin” fanpage to compete.  Though Joanne has set the bar pretty high 😉

“Joanne’s Personal Weight Loss Story”

By Joanne Greene

I was not overweight as a child.  I ate normal size portions of food, ran around playing tag, rode bikes, played hopscotch, and other active things girls did in the 60’s and 70’s. We didn’t eat at restaurants all that often, mostly if it was someone’s birthday or on vacation.  My favorite foods were sugary cereals and dessert, but my mom made sure I didn’t get an unlimited amount and they were balanced with healthy food.

When I got married at age 20, we moved 3000 miles from home and our families to Los Angeles, California. My husband and I both worked full time and would often stop and grab a burger, fries, and a shake for dinner. When we went to the movies we’d always get the jumbo popcorn with butter and the supersized soda.  This marked the beginning of our slow and steady weight gain.

During my pregnancy, I took the phrase “eating for two” literally. My sweet tooth was out of control and I became a “junk food junkie”.  I gained 42 pounds, waddled into the hospital at 202 pounds, and had a 9 lb. 6oz, 23-inch baby. I lost a little bit after the baby was born, but the weight crept back on. Before long I had gained over 100 pounds since my high school graduation weight and so had my husband!  Ugh!

Over the years I’ve tried various diets, including Medifast, Overeaters Anonymous, Weight Watchers, 3D, Cabbage Soup, and other such diets printed in women’s magazines.  The last diet I tried was in 1993.  I was so tired of going up and down the scale like a yo-yo.  I wanted to stay where I was and not gain anymore. Unfortunately that proved harder than I expected.  The highest I ever weighed was 267, but I was at around 255 for about 15 years.

In 2010, my husband and I knew we didn’t want to risk a barrage of health problems going into old age at this weight.  We started educating ourselves a bit about healthy eating, exercise, and psyching ourselves up for “THE BIG DIET”. We started looking at food labels, reading diet books, and visiting some “get healthy” websites. Our 50th birthdays were approaching and we wanted to give it one last try, to get at least some of this excess weight off.  Knowing that anything was better than being stuck at 250+ lbs.

I’d always been a great admirer of Richard Simmons and saw that he had a website,  He’s dedicated his life to helping people learn how to get healthy, so I figured he knows what he’s talking about. I started reading his Daily Message and the Success Stories section on his site and they were very inspiring. Over the years I’d gathered a collection of his workout videos (though some were still in shrink-wrap) and decided to pull one out and try it in my living room. After about 20 minutes I stopped because I am easily distracted, was out of breathe, and my dogs were looking at me funny. I read on Richard’s site that he taught classes three times a week, and I’d always wanted to meet him in person, so I decided to drive the hour to his studio and take a class.

If anyone had told me this work out would be fun and show results, I would have told them they were crazy!  But the combination of Richard Simmons’s smiling face in the front of the class, the peppy music, fun dance moves, and the results have all added up to a fun and affective weight loss routine.  There is a wonderful group of people from ages 19 to 90 who attend and I’ve made some great friendships. It’s great to surround yourself with a community of kind and caring people who are on the same journey as you. Several of my new friends have lost between 70 and 170 pounds!  The class is inspiring and shows me that big weight loss IS possible.  Two of my new friends have blogs that I read often and they share their own weight loss journey, healthy eating tips, and their ups and downs along the way. and

For so many years, I thought I was being kind to myself by eating whatever I wanted and not engaging myself with exercise. But I found out that true kindness is taking care of myself, and sticking with a food and exercise plan that allows me to be the best me I can be.

Most of the diet advice says to “Eat Less”, “Move More” and that is the only thing that works.  But I think another, possibly more important, key to success is to “Change The Way You Think”.  Don’t think of this as something you do until “X” amount of pounds come off. It has to be a new way of eating, exercising and thinking for life. You are not depriving yourself by doing these things, you are giving yourself a gift and setting yourself up for success.  Educate yourself about food ingredients, what your body needs to be healthy, and what fun exercises you can choose. For me, I’ve found my favorites to be doing aerobics classes at Slimmons, the elliptical, water aerobics, recumbent bike, wii fit games, and walking. When I first started I could barely walk a mile.  Now most of my walks are 3 miles.

Break up your large weight loss goal into smaller more manageable goals and set up rewards for yourself. I’m not going to lose those 100 pounds in 100 days! For me, I decided I would shoot for 10 pounds the first month and 5 pounds each month after that and I’ve been sticking to it all year.  A goal I had for Christmas, the gift I wanted to give to myself, was to be under 200 and Ho, Ho, Ho, I did it! First time since the late 80’s that I’ve been on the 100’s side of the scale!  Some of the things that have helped me towards my goal are switching my diet to mostly whole grains, vegetables, and fruit while eating much less processed foods. The “junk food junkie” comes out every once in awhile and I still have pizza, ice cream, chips and candy, but I eat a more reasonable amount, far less often.  I’ve decided I will not drink soda or eat at fast food restaurants.  I got an iPod and loaded it with lots of great, upbeat music to listen to during my workouts.  I have a notebook where I log in my exercise and weigh-ins. I load the dates into the notebook ahead of time, made the plan to work out 6 days a week and really hate to draw a line thru any days where I skipped exercising, so I don’t do it often. Weigh-ins are posted once a week, but I do weigh myself every day.

The weight loss journey is not a fast, straight, or down-hill course.  It’s more like a zig-zag.  If you put in a good effort you will achieve good results.  Not every day or week is going to be smooth sailing.  If you get off course, deal with it and than get right back on it and keep going towards your goal.  Since last February I have lost 62 pounds, my husband has lost 47.  We still have a ways to go, but I am confident we will reach our goals.  If we can do it so can you!

Thanks for reading and good luck on your weight loss journey.  Don’t forget it can be fun too 🙂


“Is this Just Another New Year Or A Real Chance For Weight Loss?”

By Barry Roskin Blake

It’s that time of year again. Every New Years Eve, I like many of us… make those same resolutions to finally take off those unwanted pounds. It usually lasts until Valentines day.  A full six weeks! Not a bad try but not exactly what I promised myself.

I struggle maybe a month to take off ten pounds on some weird weight loss plan and then put it back on in less then a week.  Sometimes I could even put it back on in less then three days! I know what you’re thinking, I’ll go to the gym and burn it all off there! Well, I have some shockingly bad news! You’re going to have to quit your daytime job and stop being with your family and friends for a while. Because that is what it’s going to take in order for you to burn off those ten pounds that quickly.


Realistically, it just doesn’t work that way.  It doesn’t mean going for a moderate walk around the track three to four times a week and the weight will magically be gone. Believe me, I have tried.  Besides, it may be better to find out why you put on that kind of weight so quickly to begin with. A lot of times it is a case of what feels like depravation for me. Not starvation, like some would try to tell you. Rather your mind telling you that you will never have those favorite foods again in your whole life. Never a piece of pizza, a cookie, or anything on that long list of foods I sometimes call the bad list.

In truth, I will probably always be able to have those foods if I really want… maybe just not so much of them. Believe me when I tell you that after trying some different and more interesting foods, you will never want to go back.  The fascination with cookies and candy bars will fade.

Though I still eat Pizza a couple of days a week. It is just a single serving size.  It tastes great and does not pose a threat to me by playing with my mind all day. 

As far as sugar goes, that’s one thing on my list that I personally don’t support.   But I will wait and let you make your own decision when you see the film ‘Finding Thin’. It’s quite surprising what I found.

What my new years resolution is this time is to make the best out of every day and be responsible for myself. Take responsibility for my own actions. Good or bad. Mistakes can be corrected and good times in life should be enjoyed. The only approval that I need now is my own. We’re all good people and deserve to treat ourselves as such. Don’t let anyone try to lead your life and don’t try to live others. You’re here for a reason. Enjoy life. Food is only one small aspect of that. One you will eventually get a hold of but should not let get a hold of you.


Thanks and good luck keeping those resolutions!  Maybe even past February 😉


Does Exercise Really Produce Weight Loss?

By Barry Roskin Blake

While traveling all over the country filming ‘Finding Thin’, I learned a thing or two about diet and exercise. Yet even with this extensive knowledge I am surprised to say that I still feel confused on the importance of exercise.

The answers I receive sound as though they are telling me to read between the lines. If that were the case, these lines would not be nearly wide enough. Would a straight yes or no be so hard?  Even if exercise just helps, that’s a perfect answer to me. I just don’t want to constantly be questioning myself when it comes to exercise. Image

“Well if you are only exercising for weight loss, then you’re doing it for the wrong reasons.”  This seems to be the “correct” answer from some health professionals. While it definitely is an answer, it doesn’t exactly give me what I am looking for.

What I would like is fact. It is not like I expect to eat a box of donuts or a pizza and work that off with an hour of cardio. But I would like to know if exercise could help keep your metabolism burning those calories? It almost seem like an age-old myth to some, I can overeat one day and burn off the weight the next. That’s foolishness and I understand that. What I don’t understand is the benefits of exercise other than physical health and stamina.  

While moderate cardio every day will help in achieving better weight loss. This still is not clear enough.  I want more details!  

So are my efforts worthy of five days a week? Do I need to push up the days or time?

Do I really have to question my motives? Am I suddenly going to find five times as many people besides me after the holidays with some notion of burning off all those extra pounds with over exercising?

Someone, please help set the record straight.

Thanks for reading,





Santa Clause Must Die…..t

By Barry Roskin Blake


Alright, I know what you’re thinking. Another Christmas Grinch with wacko ideas.

But just hear me out. What the title should read is “Santa Clause must go on a diet”, but it doesn’t seem like he has listened to this advice in the past. 

Through my time on the road these past two years, I have met and made plenty of friends, like Jillian Michaels, Tony Horton, Ruby, Bob Harper, Weight Watchers and those great folks over at Zumba to name a few. All of them can share different simple ways to help Santa get healthy. So what seems to be the problem? All the kids are looking up to him while he gives them cookies and candy.  Now if studies are correct and sugar is an addictive substance, than is Santa a drug dealer? Is Santa setting up your kids as future sugar junkies?

The whole idea behind the holidays is to celebrate family and friends. Albeit after this blog I might not have many left.  Holidays should not be an excuse to put on an extra ten pounds.  You’re telling me the most lasting and noticeable gift from my friends and family will be the 10-pound spare tire I gain?  The 10 pounds I will work off with dieting and exercise until I see them the next holiday?

So maybe Santa can’t grow a garden in his front yard but he should be capable of spreading a healthier message than candy, chocolate and cookies. We keep getting bigger each year and nothing seems to be slowing us down. If we don’t act now, how many more children and adults will have diabetes next holiday season?

This is no joke and only one of the fun obesity related diseases possible.

So if Santa can’t fit down the chimney again this year, we really need to have a talk with him.

Also Mr. Easter Bunny, if you’re reading this…watch out because you’re next on the naughty list.


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