“Is this Just Another New Year Or A Real Chance For Weight Loss?”

By Barry Roskin Blake

It’s that time of year again. Every New Years Eve, I like many of us… make those same resolutions to finally take off those unwanted pounds. It usually lasts until Valentines day.  A full six weeks! Not a bad try but not exactly what I promised myself.

I struggle maybe a month to take off ten pounds on some weird weight loss plan and then put it back on in less then a week.  Sometimes I could even put it back on in less then three days! I know what you’re thinking, I’ll go to the gym and burn it all off there! Well, I have some shockingly bad news! You’re going to have to quit your daytime job and stop being with your family and friends for a while. Because that is what it’s going to take in order for you to burn off those ten pounds that quickly.


Realistically, it just doesn’t work that way.  It doesn’t mean going for a moderate walk around the track three to four times a week and the weight will magically be gone. Believe me, I have tried.  Besides, it may be better to find out why you put on that kind of weight so quickly to begin with. A lot of times it is a case of what feels like depravation for me. Not starvation, like some would try to tell you. Rather your mind telling you that you will never have those favorite foods again in your whole life. Never a piece of pizza, a cookie, or anything on that long list of foods I sometimes call the bad list.

In truth, I will probably always be able to have those foods if I really want… maybe just not so much of them. Believe me when I tell you that after trying some different and more interesting foods, you will never want to go back.  The fascination with cookies and candy bars will fade.

Though I still eat Pizza a couple of days a week. It is just a single serving size.  It tastes great and does not pose a threat to me by playing with my mind all day. 

As far as sugar goes, that’s one thing on my list that I personally don’t support.   But I will wait and let you make your own decision when you see the film ‘Finding Thin’. It’s quite surprising what I found.

What my new years resolution is this time is to make the best out of every day and be responsible for myself. Take responsibility for my own actions. Good or bad. Mistakes can be corrected and good times in life should be enjoyed. The only approval that I need now is my own. We’re all good people and deserve to treat ourselves as such. Don’t let anyone try to lead your life and don’t try to live others. You’re here for a reason. Enjoy life. Food is only one small aspect of that. One you will eventually get a hold of but should not let get a hold of you.


Thanks and good luck keeping those resolutions!  Maybe even past February 😉





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