Does Exercise Really Produce Weight Loss?

By Barry Roskin Blake

While traveling all over the country filming ‘Finding Thin’, I learned a thing or two about diet and exercise. Yet even with this extensive knowledge I am surprised to say that I still feel confused on the importance of exercise.

The answers I receive sound as though they are telling me to read between the lines. If that were the case, these lines would not be nearly wide enough. Would a straight yes or no be so hard?  Even if exercise just helps, that’s a perfect answer to me. I just don’t want to constantly be questioning myself when it comes to exercise. Image

“Well if you are only exercising for weight loss, then you’re doing it for the wrong reasons.”  This seems to be the “correct” answer from some health professionals. While it definitely is an answer, it doesn’t exactly give me what I am looking for.

What I would like is fact. It is not like I expect to eat a box of donuts or a pizza and work that off with an hour of cardio. But I would like to know if exercise could help keep your metabolism burning those calories? It almost seem like an age-old myth to some, I can overeat one day and burn off the weight the next. That’s foolishness and I understand that. What I don’t understand is the benefits of exercise other than physical health and stamina.  

While moderate cardio every day will help in achieving better weight loss. This still is not clear enough.  I want more details!  

So are my efforts worthy of five days a week? Do I need to push up the days or time?

Do I really have to question my motives? Am I suddenly going to find five times as many people besides me after the holidays with some notion of burning off all those extra pounds with over exercising?

Someone, please help set the record straight.

Thanks for reading,





3 responses to “Does Exercise Really Produce Weight Loss?

  1. Yes exercise matters, but it’s not really about calorie burning. It’s about giving your body the right signals to be able to metabolize what you eat (and what you have stored) efficiently. Check out the primal fitness pyramid on this page:

    The three different types of exercise (lots of low and slow, some heavy lifting, and occasional sprinting) are all really valuable in their own ways in terms of reducing body fat.

    • Barry Roskin Blake

      See, this makes more sense to me. Its more of a answer that one can understand. I can live with this one.
      Thanks so much for helping with this great info. It’s people like you that make the last four years on the road worth it.
      Have a great holiday.

  2. P.s…..By the way …. Silvestro Musumeci was a total ” hoax”…….a ” joke” !!!

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