I Blame Obesity

Obesity…it’s not personal; it is a disease. For every new Oreo cookie on the market, there is a new weight loss diet or food, proving the disease is falsely medicated.

Shouldn’t that put the odds at a even keel?

It doesn’t appear to be working; but it’s not our faults, right?

When I was growing up, my mother taught my family that it was always someone else’s fault.

If it was bad weather, blame the weatherman. If they came out with a delicious new food, blame the food company.

There was always a way to find solace in blaming others.

Now that I am older and spent the last three years surrounded by every weight loss and health guru around, I have changed my position.

I find that if I stop taking the time to blame others for what has happened, I have at least the fighting chance to change things.

It’s a frighting thought for some, since it is so much easier to blame others whether they are right or wrong.

After being in a terrible truck accident, I spent three years in unbearable pain and blaming the truck for it..

While of course in some ways this is true, what I did with the situation was the most important. I needed to be proactive to help myself. I needed to take control.

I would have to deal with the pain for the rest of my life. There would certainly be different ways I could take to try and lesson the pain but it will always be there.

Normally, I would eat food to comfort me and just complain about what happened. I ate the candy because the truck accident aftermath MADE me…

Now I refuse to not take responsibility for my choices of how I react to my pain. I finally realize that I am the only one who can take proper action to stop the damage. I need to be proactive to help myself.

I have to make the first step towards helping myself. I don’t want anyone else to blame. Sure it isn’t personal, it’s a disease… but I can stop being the victim.

I know it is scary, but there is hope out there.


2 responses to “I Blame Obesity

  1. Accountability is a buzz word for many and a problem for many, but it’s not the answer for everybody. I’ll tell you about the Other Side of the Blame-Game.

    For some people the other side of that coin is, “It’s all my fault,”. I am weak. I am a pig. There is something “wrong” with me and that’s why I overeat. For people with this particular mind-set, taking even more responsibility for being flawed only results in being beat up. If you HAVE taken responsibility from the very get-go and assume that you are fat because you are a failure, because you have not yet done what you should have done and you don’t know why you are incapable of it even with all the information available, with all the diets and zero-body fat “coaches” and people screaming at you to lose weight, if you have failed time and time and time again, if you have not been able to make it happen even with all of these solutions available, then the conclusion must be personal failure. By being fat you are already a failure and you are keenly aware of that. Then someone comes along and informs you that you “Need to take responsibility” for that. Abuse on top of abuse, is what that feels like.

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