Mike Huckabee: Dying From Obesity?

Heaven forbid this is not the case as I personally am a fan of Mike regardless of his political views. Former Governor Huckabee and I met last year for our film when his weight was significantly lower.

Our Interview With Mike Huckabee

He and I met in regards to his book about his journey through weight loss and his success with implementing great new health initiatives in his home state as governor.

What an inspiration this man was.

Last night, the dreaded obesity curse reared it’s head as I watched Mike Huckabee on “The Jay Leno Show”. It looked as though the dream was over for Mike. His weight was significantly returning. I asked myself… had he failed? Did he disappoint all of his fans, let alone himself?

The answer is a resounding NO.

Mike and I suffer from many of the same problems with emotional eating and stress. We both at times felt that we had found the greatest success at dieting and weight loss, but ending up gaining a good portion back as more then 98% of Americans do when dieting.

I  wonder how devastating and embarrassing this is for a public figure of his stature. For a while, when I was gaining my weight back, I refused to return to any restaurants or places where people knew me.

On the other hand, Governor Huckabee  has not gone into hiding with his head down. He is out there on his show on Fox News every week and I respect him so much for doing so.

I truly believe that Mike and I will both find a way to rid our weight in a positive approach. The hard work surely will not have an immediate result, but it will be for our long term well being and happiness that goes along with it.

So Mike, if you are reading this… please know you are not alone and that I respect you more now than I ever have.

You will find your way in this battle of obesity, along with most Americans one day.

You have found thin once and you will again.

Best of luck to Mike and everyone out there who is in this battle as well.

4 responses to “Mike Huckabee: Dying From Obesity?

  1. A fan of Huckabee? Respect him? He giving marriage rights to same-sex couples was akin to incest. As a gay man yourself, you shouldn’t be promoting people who obviously don’t care for you and yours.

    • As far as my sexuality goes, I will let you assume whatever you want.
      In regards to any political ideology, I respect and like Mike as a human being.
      He was very generous to go on camera and is a very pleasant fellow.
      I am sure you might have friends who don’t agree with you but you still like them.
      Besides, obesity does not take sides. It is a equal killer.

  2. Unfortunately hate crimes do take sides, and you and I, sir, are on the wrong side.

    My friends disagree on menial things like sushi vs pho, or Brazil vs Argentina. NEVER would my friend’s compare my love life to incest.

    There’s a difference between disagreeing and perpetuating hate speech.

  3. Believe me when I say that I would never disagree with you on those facts as well.
    What I do disagree with you on is that even though someone may have different beliefs or values, does not automatically make them the enemy.
    The one thing that I am thankful in the USA about is the right to peacefully disagree.
    I thank Mr. Huckabee for the time and help he gave me and am grateful to him for that. He also is a pretty nice guy if you get the chance to meet him.
    The one thing I will never convict anyone of is having a different opinion. Even if I strongly disagree with them.
    I understand your points and think that when you get a bit older you will understand that.
    As far as hate crimes, I do not and will never tolerate them in any form against any one ever.
    Also, this movie is about obesity, not political beliefs.

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