Tony Horton and P90X: The Great Weight Loss Tool

I know most of you have probably heard about P90X or about the man behind it, Tony Horton. After hearing all the hype myself, I wondered if this man could live up to the new craze.
Tony Horton of P90X talking with film producer, Barry Roskin Blake
After our latest trip out to Los Angles, I must admit that he certainly does. Tony easily puts me to shame at the age 52 when it comes to his health, not to mention that the man looks like he’s almost twenty years younger. His physical prowess is amazing and he can do things that I have never seen anyone capable of.

As far as the weight loss angle goes, it’s merely impossible to shed your extra pounds if you really dedicate yourself to his program.

The great thing is not to look at it as a diet but just part of your daily life.

What effected me the most throughout our interview, was that he made sense of it all. The lightbulb went off in my head that being healthy wasn’t to be looked at as maintaining a temporary diet, but rather a necessity to your lifestyle. Being healthy seemed nothing less than common sense for me.

Now I must admit, I’m not the type of guy who watched his P90X videos. I figured there was no way a guy my size would ever be able to do what he does. But to my surprise, the program can be modified to help you at any size. Tony even gave me a demo of how he has people over that are over three hundred pounds that have had personal miracles thanks to Tony and their own hard work.

You and I are not the only ones that Tony helps to get back in shape. He has worked with dozens of celebrity clients and is one of the top guru’s in not only L.A., but the entire country.

Personally, I wasn’t sure of what to expect from a guy as famous and loved as Tony.
Within two minutes, he had me on the floor with laughter. He was a real person with common sense when it came to health and compassion when it came to training. He was the real deal.

I just watched the raw interview yesterday and could not believe how good it was.

Forgive me if I sound a little biased, but I can’t wait to finish this film so I can share this experience (among our other surprises) together with you all, on the big screen.

So thank you, Tony, for helping to make “Finding Thin” a film that can only be better with you in it.

Most importantly, thank you for giving me hope, and for making sense of this (now) seemingly nonsensical obesity epidemic.

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