The Loss of a Pet and Its Effect On Emotional Eating

A few days ago I lost my dog of fifteen years. Heidi was everything in the world to me. I have a few other pets including my beloved pug who woke up the first night screaming from a bad dream. This had never happened before.

My cats are staying close but I must admit that it is having an effect on my eating.

I am conscious that it is emotional eating but at the same time I found that I could actually account for the reason why. To put it simply, I didn’t give a damn. After letting go of my dog, whom I stayed with until the very end, I felt like a piece of me had died.

When I saw the final injection, I just wanted one for me as well. The heartbreak was the worst feeling I had felt in a long time.

Fortunately, the  members on my team all went out and bought a card. Although a kind gesture, it just made it even more real. Though I really do know who my friends are now and am very grateful to every one of them for their condolences.

It is just very hard to give a damn right now as every day I notice something seems to be missing…and  it is Heidi’s presence.

I used to tell people that emotional eating was wrong and to find another avenue but I am having a hard time practicing what I preach.

Emotional eating out of loss is one feeling that I have not had to deal with that often so for the first time in this film, I am not sure what to expect. Of course that is part of the deal about documenting my very real struggle in this film.

So to all who have gone through loss and are able to get past it successfully, I would really appreciate any advice that you may have in this pretty crappy time.

4 responses to “The Loss of a Pet and Its Effect On Emotional Eating

  1. Oh Barry! I feel so bad for you!

    When my father died, I comforted myself with food. I justified it as well, because my dad was an eater and so many memories I have of him are food related. I would “honor his memory” with his favorite ice creams, hot dogs (Superdawg – Yum!), whatever. But I eventually woke to the fact that this would not fill the hole in my heart, and my dad would not want me to join him sooner than necessary. Remember the good times and the unconditional love that she gave you. Grieving is a process, so let it happen, but don’t let it overwhelm your good sense. Reach out and talk to people when you feel like eating. We are all here for you!

  2. Very sorry about Heidi… She was a good dog

  3. Chris Johnston

    Sir use your sadness and turn it into madness, use this madness to create energy to run or work out. You cannot let yourself go. I at one point in my life was over 300lbs and was very depressed. In short I tried to loose wieght easy with pills called gynexin and they didnt work.. I spent over 400$ and was ticked off ! I used that madness to get off my butt and start training. The first steps are always the hardest but you can do it. The loss of loved ones can be draining but you cannot let yourself go or you will regret it.


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