When Did Diet Become The Evil Word In Weight Loss?

Up until the last few years, every book and various foods would list themselves as the best thing for dieting.

But something changed. The term “diet” has tagged along coined phrases such as being “the healthy choice”, “better for your lifestyle choices” and simply “lifestyle.”

The mistake that most people make is misunderstanding the true meaning of the word. People dedicate their lives to “dieting” for a certain amount of time to deprive themselves to lose a certain amount of weight and usually find themselves going off of it and all the pounds going right back on.

I have done this several times myself and then would back peddle in shame.

What I did not understand was that I was blaming myself when I should be blaming the ridiculous diet I was on; let alone for using America’s definition of “diet” in my vocabulary.

Now, after visiting many notable experts in the weight loss industry, I’ve come to realize that it’s not a diet but a change of lifestyle that I must learn. My diet is something I could live with forever.

My new school of thought is that if I stop banging my head against the wall, I probably will see a better effect without having a headache afterwards.



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