Too Fat To Fly

It started a while back when Southwest and United Airlines implemented new rules in which overweight individuals could be barred from the plane for safety reasons or forced to purchase an extra ticket.


I was appalled at the time since they were they were already making the seats so small that average size people could barely fit in them comfortably.

Well watch out all flight attendants, it is

your turn now. Thai Airways International has informed their employees that they could be grounded if they don’t stay within their new weight guidelines.

To add insult to injury, they are also trying to change their image by getting rid of any flight attendants that are over the age of forty-five.

So I guess the new image must be an eighty-pound, twenty one-year-old to work there.

Talk about changes…could the pilots be next on the list?

Yet even as these companies keep implementing weight limits, there is still a certain airline that is giving out warm cookies on all their flights.

Talk about the hypocrisy.

What’s next; start charging ticket prices per pound?


3 responses to “Too Fat To Fly

  1. Cause: You eat a lot of cookies
    Effect: You weigh much more and don’t get to fly

    Solution: Eat less cookies

    • Would you then say if someone has a disability and needs more time to get on the plane that they were costing the airline money and stealing?
      Or if someone was getting a extra can of soda beyond the norm, then that was steeling.
      I don’t deny you the fact that no one should be leaning over another ones seat that is paid for but there must be a more compassionate way then to financially punish that person with the purchase of a second seat.
      Or even the threat in some cases in which to throw them off with the threat of air security like this is 1960’s Alabama.
      I mean lets have some compassion.

  2. When someone purchases an airline ticket, they are paying for space on the plane. If someone else intrudes on that space that is stealing

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