A Bridge Over Troubled Water

With the flooding of my media room the other day, I really did not know if I would turn to food.  But even with all of my precious belongings ruined and under water with weeks of replacing and rebuilding ahead of me, I will persevere.

Of course food does seem like a very tempting offer right now. But I will continue to try and eat right because short -term satisfaction turns into long- term failure. Why mitigate the damage by doing more? I just need to find a way to do something else.

Besides, there were so many other people that have lost so much more in far worse situations.

It has been a very hard last number of days. Having a aunt die, losing your best friend and then most of your material things, really makes you have to count on yourself.

I like to think I am stronger then other people emotionally, though the truth is that I usually cut people off and turn to the worst foods for comfort…one of the reasons I know that cost me a dear friendship.

I think what I have learned is to turn inwards instead of out. This way I can make the most out of me and learn how to cope with unexpected life.

There has to be a better way. My diet is myself. It has to be my choice how to deal.

If I have learned one thing from my three years producing ‘Finding Thin’, it is to turn inwards first. There is always another day to look forward and learn more about myself. And I’ll outwardly show it as I persevere.

2 responses to “A Bridge Over Troubled Water

  1. Barry,
    First I’d like to say, I’m sorry about your aunt. It’s always hard losing someone you love. Thinking of the good memories, will help to keep you strong. I’m also sorry about your friend. I don’t know the circumstances, and it’s none of my business, but since you posted about it, I would just like to say….Do you really need a friend like that? A friend loves you unconditionally. I’m so sorry for the flood. Before I got married, my son & I lived in a townhouse near Main & Skokie Blvd. We got flooded bad and I lost EVERYTHING. All his school papers that I was saving over the years and ALL of my pictures. I salvaged as many of them as I could, but I want you to know how much I understand. There are always going to be people worse off, but when it happens to you, it’s totally DEVASTATING. You are doing the right thing as far as your choices of food. But remember, nobody’s perfect & just don’t beat yourself up. My thoughts and prayers are with you & your family. Barry, please change this email address in your address book. I changed it and don’t check the old one too often and don’t want to miss any of your posts. Thanks…….Liz Keep your head up and keep smiling : )

  2. Barry –
    I’m sorry we had to miss our meeting today but I hope the assessor’s visit went well. I wanted to tell you today that I am proud of the fact that you are handling recent difficult events without turning to food. This is the hardest lesson, and you seem to be learning it well. I know first hand the false comfort of “comfort foods.” This movie and this process of changing your life is growing in a beautiful and meaningful way and I am proud to be a part of it. I can’t wait to see more pieces of the finished product. Good luck with the rest of this week. Give me a kind thought as I do the Hustle up the Hancock on Sunday, carrying 65 pounds less up those 1654 stairs than what I would have three years ago. I’ll see you next week.

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