Making My Way Back From Diet Despair

I had been battling a flu bug for a month now that has finally given out and allowed me to be feel well again. Not much energy though.

The problem is that the weight I may have gained from not exercising and giving into those food temptations really made me feel like a failure.

It is so very hard not to blame yourself when you get sick and make certain wrong food decisions.

Trying to get it back together has not been a quick fix for me. I should know better after all the traveling and fantastic experts that have been in the film preaching the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

There is no magic bullet or quick fix for taking off weight. It is effort and exercise that will bring me back little by little.

After all, a little bit adds to a lot after a while.

So I am going to learn to stop blaming myself and instead concentrate on the positive. I find that it is only a mistake if you fail to correct it.

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