Stop Dieting Forever

The End of Dieting Part II

So with giving up on dieting and not wanting to live as a hermit, I finally turned to a book that had a approach that made sense to me. Dr. Judith Beck takes the CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) approach. She seemed pretty qualified to write about it since her father Dr. Aaron Beck was the one who created it.
This type of thinking goes into psychological approach as to why we eat. I know of so many emotional eaters including myself. So why not start from the inside out. Come to terms with you emotions and then your body. I am actually into body acceptance but also into healthy eating and practice when possible.
This bring me to my next favorite new thoughts and actions. The introduction of systems from Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft. All make game systems that let you exercise from the house while playing games. For the first time that I can remember, exercise was fun.
The Kinect from Microsoft Xbox even lets you go hands free and feel as though you are part of the game. How fantastic technology has gotten.
So there really is no good reason not to exercise or spend a ton of money at the gym.
Next up are the diet books. While I am sure most of the authors had good intentions, the odds are still against you succeeding and you then put back on the weight. Except they have your money. Really take a close look at the authors out there. If Judith Beck is not for you then I suggest you look at some of the titles by Dr. Michael Roizen and Dr.Mehmet Oz. I have had the pleasure of sitting with Dr. Rozien as well and he is a fantastic and dedicated man.
So to tie things up for this New Years Resolution, small changes and Stop Dieting.
Just learn to accept yourself first and then work from there.


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