My Screams For Help Have Fallen On Deaf Ears

For all the years I’ve tried to diet, there have been plenty of books and programs out there to try to assist.

I chose many different dietary assistant programs. In turn, I was always able to blame each one for “failing me”. I even complained about the agony on even starting a certain program. In the end, these were all just excuses of my own. It was the program’s fault …never mine.

People wanted to help me and I thought that I really wanted to change. I finally realized that the one person resisting and deaf to my screams for help was myself. I had become my own worst enemy, best eating buddy, and the one person who could come up with more excuses to get myself out of a diet without hesitation.

Now, I realize that as much as there are people and programs to help me, I really am still alone at certain times during the day and will always be responsible for myself my eating decisions. Learning to take control is the only way I think I will ever get to even making a dent in this lifelong battle.

Though I do believe there is hope. The fact that I have come this far proves it.


3 responses to “My Screams For Help Have Fallen On Deaf Ears

  1. You’re right, there are probably over a million diets/diet books published. There’s a great quote from one of my favorite books…not a diet book:
    ” If dieting is part of the problem, how can it be part of the solution?”.
    -Intuitive Eating by Evelyn Tribole RD and Elyse Resch RD

    Highly recommend this it…Can’t wait to see this documentary!

    • I love your quote carlenehelble!
      I used to say that I was the world’s best diet counselor because I had been on all of them. Since I have seriously and sensibly taken off my weight I realize that a “diet” is not the answer. What the answer is can be different for every person, but the real key is getting to the roots of our own behaviors, learning how they came to be and what we need to do to change them. Self-discovery, self-knowledge – that’s the key.

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