Evenings of Self-Destruction

Every time I have a great day diet-wise, I make it till about 6 or 7PM and it all falls apart. There’s always that one food you shouldn’t have because you are so hungry and then another food that would normally be safe if proportioned correctly. Nightfall becomes decision time. And I’m making the wrong choices.

I know there are so many diets out there through so many people I have met on my journey making the film. Everything from cognitive behavioral approach and intense workout regimens to strong food choices and living a carb-free lifestyle…these choices alone are overwhelming.

I am not saying at this point which is the right or wrong lifestyle choice because I feel it is personal and I am still on this battle.


all, if I had a cure I would be out there marketing it like the rest of them… but I don’t and I am not.

I think the one way this film and this country are gong to be able to help each other is through communication and to stop judging each other so harshly. Why must one be looked at without compassion? Who is to judge stupidity or point their finger as to whom to blame for their problems?

I have heard both sides from NAFFA, People of Size and also MeMe Roth. Each side bring


s great information to the table and I truly believe that in the end, strive to make ends meet. Everyone wants the same positive result.

It is just the way they get there that is questionable.

What I would like to do is reach out to everyone one last time to get your input and help in direction for this film as we cut it together right now. You certainly can’t put blame on something if you gave no input at all.



4 responses to “Evenings of Self-Destruction

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  2. Barry,

    I hear that same story all the time. Days are good, nights are bad. Make sure you are eating enough during the day. Sometimes people get too busy to eat their meals and snacks, or try to “be good” during the day, that it backfires at night, and you are make up for it. Spread out your calories. We are all so good at finding our flaws, but then we try to figure out WHY we do it, and not HOW we are going to fix it. Eat more during the day. Good stuff, filling foods. Carb and protein like we talked about. See if that helps the cravings at night. And stop being so hard on yourself!! Did you change that ringer yet?

  3. Not a bad idea. Would you then be more for a cognitive Judith Beck type approach or more of a diet detective by dr. Charles Stuart Platkin or dr. David Katz approach. I really value your opinion.
    Also yes… I changed the ringbone…Thanks

  4. Evenings are still hard for me as well, even after three years. (I just had my three year anniversary of starting my journey.) The things that have helped me are very similar to what Enza said, especially making sure of my meals and snacks schedule.
    Any of the approaches can work for you. I think the key is awareness and mindfulness. When the awareness of what we’re doing kicks in, and the mindfulness of what needs to be done next comes, then the behaviors will change.
    I’m excited about the movie coming together. We can talk more tomorrow.

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