Digging My Own Grey-ve With Food

Went to the doctor…

Lost 10 gained 13. Not a good time on the scale for me this week.

I am discovering so many things about myself on this journey. I’m discovering metaphors… and they come in color. There is only black or white for me. No middle ground. I am always going to the extreme when dieting. Eating too little is my black, and eating too many calories is my white.

When I go off the wagon, I make excuses and start bargaining with myself for my physical “grey area”.

I was shocked to find out that I really wasn’t addicted to sugar. When I was feeling good or upbeat, I could actually eat one cookie and not another.

It really is the emotions and the images of the food that gets me. The visual, emotional and physical tastiness seems to be the hardest to bargain against.

My most favorite thing out of all of this is the life lessons that I get to learn.

And I’m ready to use them to get myself out of this middle- grey -ground.


3 responses to “Digging My Own Grey-ve With Food

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  2. Barry –
    I am proud of the real strides you made towards recognizing what makes you tick. You faced the music and are now back on the horse and ready to ride. I’m excited for the progress we will see in weeks to come.
    Happy Hanukkah! The gift of self-knowledge is beyond price!

  3. Nice work Barry! You are well on your way. I see this a lot…we are all very good at finding out WHY we are how we are. But then, we sometimes get stuck. The reasons become our crutch, and take away responsibility from us. It seems impossible to change. You realized yesterday that these behaviors aren’t as ingrained as you thought. You will see weight loss. I know you don’t foresee any stressful times in the next couple weeks, but should someone or something piss you off or bum you out, the NEW Barry will take over and you will handle it differently. No more crutches. Cross “sugar addict” off the list of anything holding you back.

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