Gratefully Alone

So another Thanksgiving has come and gone. This year consisted of my making a frozen turkey dinner instead of going out. Most of my family has passed away and the remaining aunts and cousins don’t really want to see each other.

Truth be told, it was a bit of a relief not to have to deal with all the old relatives and hard times that naturally haunt me.

It was especially nice to be able to control exactly what I ate for the day.  I was the cook. I was in charge.

One can look at this holiday spent alone as a means of hiding from food and social situations… but it was the best Thanksgiving that I have had in a long time.

I would like to learn different coping methods for when my confidence and bravery allow me to actually attend holiday party. I am grateful for my accomplishments but I want to share them starting this holiday season… suggestions for a fresh start?



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