Needing Comfort Food

>>>Last night

Right now I am having a bad night. I cannot sleep, I am stressed and I feel rejected. A good friend of mine forgot my birthday. I got promised a gift I never got. My online dating has been unsuccessful. When negative feelings come my way, I turn to food.

I would usually bury myself in an ice cream container but I am trying to fight that need. I have worked hard and lost 10 pounds in the last couple of weeks. If I turn to food to be happy again, I feel like I will betray everything I have been working on so far.

I am not big on sports and I don’t have a busy social life. The only comfort I know is food. It fixes me up and keeps me happy. At one point though, I think my comfort food turned against me by making me fat. How ironic…

In the last year, I have been through a lot and I have realized that I don’t need people to treat me right; I actually need to treat myself (mind+body) right. By doing so, I can feel respected and change the way I see life.

Tonight, I still want to jump in the car and drive to the first convenience store to get some ice cream. Hopefully I can find the strength not to do it…


Yesterday night, I had 2 bowls of grapenut flakes and 3 rice puddings.              Total = 1200 calories. I didn’t go to any store to get ice cream or any other snack. What is your comfort food? Where else do you get comfort if it is not food?


2 responses to “Needing Comfort Food

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  2. I usually turn to long bike rides with a lot of loud British rock.(The Who especially for bad moods) I reached a point where I knew that eating wasn’t going to make me feel any better and I went through a long time of trying to think of something that would. I’m still going through that process, and learning to accept that sometimes I’m just going to feel like crap for a while, and that I can’t go running to something else to comfort me.

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