Honk if You’re Fat

Today was one of the most tiring production days I had in a little while. It was also very challenging. Around 4pm, we walked towards a busy road and finally shot the « Honk if you’re fat » segment.

I actually had been rescheduling this shoot for months. Why? Because for this segment, I had to stand on the side of a main road holding a sign reading « Honk if you’re fat », without knowing at all how people would react.

What if they shouted mean things to me or didn’t even honk at all for that matter? That would either hurt my feelings or be a waste of time.

The shoot turned out to be a success. About a third of the cars honked. Most people were very kind and had a great time. Nobody judged me, everyone had a laugh. Even people that didn’t honk were respectful and no insult flew my way.

I was nervous and embarrassed at first, and then I started enjoying it. I wondered if having weight issues was some sort of taboo. I guess for people that honked, it wasn’t. Most of them waved proudly. Somehow I felt like I wasn’t alone anymore.

Would you have honked?


2 responses to “Honk if You’re Fat


  2. Oh hell yes!!! Solidarity for fatties everywhere!!!

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