The U.S Army Wants Your Candy?

Halloween came and went yesterday with more of a trick than a treat. As I waited for the children to come knocking on my door with fresh vegetables and candies, no one ever came. It was my first Halloween without ANY trick-or-treaters. At first I was thrilled that maybe this year would be different and kids were making better choices.

Then in the early morning hours today, I walked over to my local CVS to take a look at what candies they had on sale. I wanted to  see what was left. Much to my surprise, all the candies had been sold out. Apparently the kids are still getting their treats.

After my trip to CVS, I was stunned to hear that the National Group of Dentists was offering to buy back uneaten candies for a dollar a pound to be sent to our troops overseas. It just seems a bit hypocritical that these dentists want to protect our kids from candy, yet it’s OK to send them to our troops.

I find myself confused, unhealthy for kids but healthy for our troops?

2 responses to “The U.S Army Wants Your Candy?

  1. they do this every year. we did it at my kids school. our troops deserve a treat because all they get are tricks over seas. they burn off all the calories anyway due to the heat and work they do. so why not give them the candy.
    m silver

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