My Body Hates Me…

Right now, I am in the middle of trying to fight a flu bug. Being obese and having diabetes make it feel like it will take forever to get through it.

My doctors told me if I lose weight, I will get sick less often. There are other people out there that think that obesity doesn’t cause health problems.

Interesting: when I weighed 160 pounds, I had almost no medication to take and I was less vulnerable to seasonal flues. Right now, I weigh 344 pounds and I feel like hell. When I weighed 450 pounds, I felt even worse.

I am starting to think that these people might be either highly mistaken or in denial. Ironically, some days I want them to be right so that I feel better about myself. They talk about loving your body the way it is, the truth is my body hates me right now and I am not so fond of it either.

I truly believe that you should accept your body the way it is, but loving it means respecting it and how can I love my body if I don’t respect it? How can I accept myself when my body doesn’t reflect who I really am?

I need to eat right and exercise, then my body will get back on the right path.

4 responses to “My Body Hates Me…

  1. It’s very hard for me to love and accept my body when it fails me. But years of me failing my body brought me to this point. The worst catch 22 ever.

  2. Barry, I am really enjoying your posts. Everyone’s journey to health and well being is unique. I can sense the frustration in your writing – I have been there countless times myself – but you are definitely zeroing in on all the right concepts and asking yourself all the right questions that will ultimately lead to the self-awareness needed to bring about lifelong health and well being. So much of the key – the so called “secret” (which is not really a secret) – revolves around the concept of self respect. Be mindful that respect is a two way street. I know that you think that your body “hates” you right now, and you question how you can love your body when you don’t respect it. But, you have to respect your body: If you show your body the respect it deserves by eating right and exercising – prioritizing yourself – it will pay you back ten-fold, and you will love the results. Take it from me. – Dino

    • Thanks, that really means a lot to me. The more that people who understand and support each other, the better the chances get.
      You really sound like someone who has been there and can relate.
      Thanks for the great post.–Barry

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