Dieters Are Dead Already!

I have been up and down on diets all my life as has my family.
Yesterday was a enjoyable father’s day in which I tried to visit the majority of my family at the cemetery to pay my respects.

I was accompanying my mother, which I have done for years without any trouble. This year, something changed,  she could not walk more than three to five feet without almost falling down due to her weigh gain and lack of air. It was so sad and humiliating for her. My mother could not make it to pay her respects to her parents and my grandparents without a wheel chair or scooter.

My mother is only 64 but at about 5’6 and 360lbs, her weight has now prevented her from doing what she has done for the last twenty years. The weight has finally gotten to her just as it has the majority of all my relatives who are now dead.

I thought to myself: Would I be visiting my own mother next year in the same place or would I make it there before her? I can tell you from all my years of dieting and traveling the country looking for the magic answer that there really is no magical bullet or diet that will work other than the obvious.

We must make changes that we are willing to do not for only tomorrow but the rest of our lives or we are all truly dead already. YoYo dieting has been proven to take off even more years of our lives and our country is getting heavier by the day.

If something is not done immediately, this will become the biggest threat to our country, the new terrorist at large. Please share your thoughts or ideas.

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