The Long and Winding Road Back

Every time I think that I have this diet thing all figured out, there is something in life that creeps up and puts road blocks in the way.
I would normally feel weak and at fault for these events but am coming closer to realizing that there is more to it then I have total control over.
Recently I was hospitalized for various medical reasons and was put on different new medications to treat my conditions. These meds quickly increased my appetite without increasing my metabolism.
It was so frustrating watching as I felt as if I was starving everyday and craving the higher calorie foods.
The ironic thing was that as much as the doctors were advocating weight loss, not one ever mentioned the side effects of these pills that could and do cause major weight gain.
It came down to a choice of trying very hard to find a new way of eating that could satisfy my increased hunger and temptations for the rest of my life or sit at the gym for many more hours then I wanted to. It was that or significant weight gain.
It did wake me up to the fact that when you see a normal sized thin person, it really does mean that they do not have to struggle or work as hard as someone in my or other peoples position.
The choice is there though to wallow in the weight and make excuses for it or come to the realization that I will just always have to work harder then the normal person if I want to be thinner and have a life free of many medical aliments that have started to return due to my weight.
The choice is mine.

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